June 2022 General Managers Report


Written by Judy

On July 12, 2022

June 2022
General Manager’s Report

Marina Security Camera Upgrades – I’ve been notified that all parts for the camera upgrades at the marina have now arrived at our vendor’s offices, and that they will plan to be out in the next week to install the new additions and to adjust the existing cameras for optimal coverage.

Tennis, Pickleball and Basketball Courts – The sports courts have been completed by Wilson’s Asphalt Maintenance and are available for community use. One tennis court has been overlaid with pickleball court markings as approved by the Board. The courts and markings turned out nicely and should be good for another 5 or 6 years. When they again need refreshing, LHCC may need to consider a complete resurfacing as there are some minor imperfections in the surface itself (primarily along the court delineation lines) which the recently applied color coats did not totally resolve. Total surface replacement is on the current Replacement Reserve schedule and is projected for completion in 2030.

Mail Station Paving – LHCC has three mail station locations that have paving issues which should be addressed. The Sunset mail station pavement is beyond repair and needs to be completely replaced along with the subsurface. The mail station across from the Clubhouse and the one at Yielders Run, both require patching and an overlay. Mail station asphalt replacement is not specifically listed in the Replacement Reserve schedule, but repair/replacement would be a legitimate Replacement Reserve expense should the Board wish to proceed in that manner.

I have obtained pricing from Carroll Construction for these areas and recommend we move forward with the work in conjunction with Carroll’s approved Tar and Chip application later this summer.

Carroll has consistently provided attractive pricing when compared to other vendors as we saw again last month when we compared Tar and Chip proposals from multiple firms. In addition, Carroll has consistently provided top quality work for the association, having completed several paving and surface application projects since 2006. I will be bringing Carroll’s bids for the mail stations to the table for the Board’s consideration. We have not yet sought any additional bids on this work, and I do not want to publish their pricing in case the Board desires to create an RFP and seek additional pricing on these projects. Considering past pricing patterns, and in consideration of Carroll’s excellent performance in the past, I do not believe issuing an RFP would be beneficial as it would only serve to delay having the work completed. Of course, that decision is the Board’s to make and not mine, and I will look to the Board’s direction as to how to proceed.

Submitted June 22, 2022, by:
Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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