June 2023 General Manager’s Report


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On September 26, 2023

June 2023

General Manager’s Report

Dam Monitor Wiring Replacement

The wiring for the Lake Holiday Dam Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system requires replacement. Over the past few years, numerous faults have occurred in the data communication cabling of this system.  Current faults which require repairs are located within the buried conduit on the dam requiring new cable runs to properly address.  InstruLogic Inc, our SCADA proprietary system service provider has recommended that all cable runs be replaced simultaneously due to the degradation of the originally installed cables and the resultant reoccurring faults. They have had multiple electrical subcontractors out to bid the cable replacement and have provided a comprehensive proposal to replace all communications cables with 18 gauge shielded cables, replace all above ground conduit (this has degraded due to weather/UV exposure, has been damaged by mowing activities, vandalism, etc.), replace seven existing above ground PVC junction boxes with in-ground surface accessible junction boxes and reconnect and test the system. The total estimated price is $17,449.  Please note that this is only an estimate, if additional issues are uncovered during the repairs, the final cost could be higher. I recommend the Board approve of moving forward with this work so that full monitoring capabilities can be restored as soon as possible with funding to come from Replacement Reserves.  It is critical to have full monitoring capabilities restored prior to the fall’s hurricane season. A copy of the InstruLogic proposal follows this report.

Gate House Upgrades

The coax cable internet at the gate house has been replaced with Comcast Business Class Fiber Optic Internet. Business class fiber optic internet comes with priority service in case of interruption and is much more dependable than the coax internet as evidenced by our experience since making the switch to fiber at the Clubhouse. In the past, frequent internet outages at the gate house resulted in a loss of cloud-based data access (CapSure) and phone service (Comcast VoIP) resulting in drastic impacts on the functionality of gate entry operations.  The upgrade will serve to reduce such occurrences. 

In addition to the internet upgrade, we have procured a new print solution for pass printing which allows for fast printing while bypassing the supply chain difficulties we have been experiencing with the thermal printer supplies previously required. The availability of those supplies had become very unreliable with backordered products taking months to arrive at times, and at other times, the wrong supplies being sent.  We are hopeful that this replacement will enable reliable printing without interruptions such as those experienced with the CapSure supplied print solution.

Maintenance Department Updates

The maintenance department has been working hard to keep the grass mowed throughout the common areas of the community.  The crew finish mows approximately 20 – 25 acres per mowing not including the disc golf course areas around the throwing tees and baskets and the roadside edges.  In addition, they cut the other open areas of the disc golf course, the rest of the old golf course property, and the roadsides in the undeveloped areas with a rotary mower and/or a sickle bar mower multiple times each spring and summer. This, of course, is in addition to keeping up with vehicle and equipment maintenance, building maintenance, trash facility maintenance, landscape watering, drainage ditch maintenance, etc.  As well as sign installations, project installations/construction (such as benches, pavilions), dock and lake maintenance (buoy placements/adjustments, dock guide poles replacements, etc.) as needed, dam maintenance, and the continual removal of trash from common areas.  To put it simply, our crew does a lot of work consistently each week throughout the development. This is not a comprehensive list of all the items the crew is responsible for but hopefully it will give everyone a better understanding of the scope of their responsibilities and what they actually do for Lake Holiday during the busy summer months. Kudos to the crew for a job well done!

Continued Vandalism at Beach II

The dock at beach two continues to be the subject of vandalism with the guide poles being pulled out and thrown into the lake or on to the shore nearly each week since the start of the recreational season.  Three times over the past month this has occurred, most recently this past weekend when it was reported that a large group of young adults/teens were seen working hard to remove the poles.  Two poles were removed because of their efforts.  Although these poles are driven in with a t-post driver, the depth that can be achieved is limited due to the shale rock bottom of the lake.  They are driven deep enough that they do not come out easily and they hold up well against lake waves but with effort they can be removed. We ask that anyone seeing such vandalism please call the police, report the incident, and take pictures if possible so that we may prosecute the offenders if they are gone before the police arrive. Such needless destruction results in increased work for the maintenance crew, unnecessary expenses for our membership, and could result in a breakaway pier and damage to the structure or other property around the lake.  Any help our membership could offer in putting an end to such behaviors would be appreciated.

Walking Trails

Ben Cook of Keystone Builders has completed approximately one mile of new trail installation over the past month, installing a new trail from the community bus stop at Redland Road all the way to the six hundred block of Lakeview Drive. Weather and ground conditions allowing, Ben will be starting the construction of another approximate ½ mile of trail sometime next week.  This portion will connect the new trail near the six hundred block of Lakeview to the loop trail already installed near the large pond on West Master.  This will result in a completed trail system going from the bus stop all the way to the Clubhouse. 

Benches Update

The fifteen benches approved by the Board at the May 23, 2023, meeting for installation in the fall have been ordered as requested.  Seven of these are slated for installation around the picnic area at the Clubhouse as replacements for the wooden benches currently installed in that area, and the remaining eight are for installation along the walking trails with specific locations to be selected by the B, G&S committee. Installation is planned for the fall.

2022 Financials Audit

The 2022 audit is underway, and Decker & Company PLLC representatives will be onsite Thursday June 29, 2023, to examine select documents, and to conduct staff interviews for the purpose of completing their testing in the audit of LHCC’s 2022 yearend financials.  In the interim, staff will be pulling together requested documentation and preparing responses to the auditors’ written queries. 

Submitted June 21, 2023

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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