June Board Meeting Recap


Written by Judy

On July 27, 2022

Provided by Board Secretary Elizabeth Hair

The Board approved the following:

· Fix mail stations with current tar & chip pre-patching contractor, use Replacement Reserves at a not-to-exceed (NTE) $50K.  ($50,000.00)

· Move $250K for current projects into the CIP fund to facilitate tracking and provide visibility.

· Hire Keystone Builders to repair, patch and repaint the Clubhouse interior using Replacement Reserve, for a total cost NTE $30K .

· Hire Accoustical Solutions to replace acoustic wall panels/add ceiling panels in the Clubhouse great room, using Replacement Reserve funds for wall panels and Undesignated Funds for ceiling panels at a NTE total of $35K.

· Replace the Clubhouse flooring using Replacement Reserves for a total NTE of $72K.  Engage responding companies to verify measurements, confirm costs estimate and then request a Best and Final Offer; select Best Value with final approval provided by the GM and Board President.

· Reinstate one day printed passes (Dash Passes) to identify all visitors more easily.  Passes will have dates of entry; titled Visitor, Contractor or Event Pass; and must be placed on car dash.

· No parking within 20 feet of a corner or intersection as specified in Frederick County Ordinances

· Inoperable vehicles must be parked inside of a completely enclosed building on any member lot as defined and regulated by Frederick County Ordinances.

· Non-motorized boats are not permitted to moor on the sand at Beach I or Beach II. nor permitted within 25 feet of the buoys marked “no Boats” or inside that perimeter.

· Install a concrete driveway around the waste sites with CIP funds NTE $100K. Initiate hiring a contractor to complete work by end of 2022.

· Funding, NTE $110K, for the final phases of the gravel walking/bike trails using CIP Funds. Initiate hiring a contractor to expedite with completion no later than 2023.

· Reallocate $32K of CIP funds of Beach II Plan B funding to complete the Beach II pavilion structure.  Total cost for completion of the pavilion NTE $120K.

· Purchase four tables (NTE $7K with undesignated funds) for the Clubhouse deck. Two of each design, colored red.  Events will be charged to move and return since they will be bolted down.

· Purchase ADA playground equipment (replacement) and add swings at Beach 1; purchase and install new ADA playground equipment and swings at Country Club Park; use Replacement Reserve funds for replacement and CIP for new purchases, total NTE $120K.

The Board tabled the following:

· Restrict Clubhouse parking to members/tenants only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from the Friday before Memorial Day to Labor Day using bar code decals as identification.

· Vehicles with 3 or more traffic rule violations shall have their automatic access to the community revoked for 30 days requiring the member to enter through the left lane for entrance to LH.

· Align PRP 5, Entry Road Use and Parking, and PRP 4, Compliance by removing the final two sentences of PRP 4, Compliance, Section I, Determination of Corrective Action, #2 which states that a courtesy warning will be given first for a traffic violation.

More details in the Board Book, which can be found on the Lake Holiday website.

The next Regular Board Meeting will be 26 July 2022 at 6:30 p.m. in the Clubhouse Great Room.

That’s the news for this month.  Have a safe Holiday!

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