Lake Committee Update, February 2018


Written by Judy

On February 21, 2018

Members: Jim Arnold, Bob Becker, Judi Borcherding, Brian Brown, Lou Cesa, Tom Demery, Carol Demery, Duran Field, Terry Hardgrave, Steve Herring, Karen Kimmel, Jeff Lugar, Margaret McCulla, Pat Majewski, Jonathan Miller, Jared Mounts, Jim Pagenkopf, Curtis Parks, Mike Ressler, Jon Reedy, Bob Stefanowicz, Tony Zucker, Paul Battista, Ruthie Spittler, and John Stover (Board Liaison)

Members Absent: Jim Arnold, Lou Cesa, Tom Demery, Carol Demery, Duran Field, Terry Hardgrave, Margaret McCulla, Pat Majewski, Curtis Parks and Ruthie Spittler

Planned/Approved Absences: Tom Demery, Carol Demery, Terry Hardgrave, and Tony Zucker

15 Minute Open Forum: None; Confirm Quorum: Confirmed ; Approve Agenda: Approved; Previous Minutes: January minutes previously approved by email

Old Business:

1. Registered Boats over 10 HP:
• 2018: April update after registrations/renewals are complete
• 2017: 318
• 2016: 319
• 2015: 308
• 2014: 294

2. Water Quality Testing & Stream Hydraulic Analysis/Feasibility Study Update:
• As required by the RFP/Contract, Princeton Hydro (PH) will submit a comprehensive report of all activities no later than February 28, 2018. In addition, a presentation to the Board, Lake Committee and interested Community Members will be provided prior to the end of March. In the event, the final two (2) storm water samples (multiple stations) are not collected prior to these dates, PH will use modeling data and then update both documents with final storm water information at no additional cost.
• Jon Reedy/Jim Pagenkopf will contact PH to firm up dates for delivery of both documents and attempt to coordinate a date with the Board/Community for the presentation.
• As mentioned above, adverse weather conditions have prevented collection of the final two (2) sets of sampling. When complete the report/presentation will be updated at no additional charge.

3. Jake’s Big Fish Challenge Website Update – Jared
The site, is live and several photos of Virginia fish species have been measured/photographed and uploaded to the site. The VA Big Fish Challenge was created to enhance fishing within the Lake Holiday Community and is also open to all VA lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, etc. Additional rules and instructions for contest entry are available on the website.

4. Creation of a “No Swimming Zone” beginning at the boat parking area near Beach 1
• Update on motion (proposed revisions to PRP 3, Section G.1.f) to be submitted to Board as listed in the January 2018 minutes. Several boaters within the community have voiced concern with persons swimming in the Beach 1 Boat Parking Area and other locations near the Fishing Pier and Marina. The Committee recommends revisions to the PRP mentioned above to read “No Swimming is permitted from the Marina Docks, Fishing Pier, Boat Ramp, the area from the Lake Patrol Boat parking area to the Fishing Pier and from the Fishing Pier to the Marina. All swimming at Lake Holiday is at the swimmer’s own risk.” John Stover (Board Liaison) is not in attendance and Paul Battista (Board Member) does not recall this item being discussed during the Board’s January 2018 Meeting.
• The committee clarified the process of submitting a motion as a Tab in the Board Book and this revision will be submitted for inclusion in the February 27, 2018 Board Meeting.

5. Communications (January/Future Newsletter Articles): Listing of boat service providers
• Update on the motion to provide the board a list of boat service providers – Mike Ressler
• Request for interested providers to submit info was in the February newsletter
• Mike and Tom are still in the process of collecting information for the list

6. Planned/Approved Absence Status Update
• Committee Members who will be traveling/away for extended periods may request planned/approved absences for multiple meetings and remain a Member in Good Standing. This request must be discussed with the Chair and the Approved Absence Request is not to be used for single meeting absences.
• Paul Battista stated this item was approved at the January Board Meeting

7. Proposed Update to PRP 3 Lake Use and Boating Rules
No reference in PRP 3-Lake Use and Boating Rules requiring use of the left lane when entering the Security Gate with a trailered boat. PRP 5, Section B.4.e. states “All trailered boats, regardless of the owner’s membership status, must enter the front gate through the left lane.” The Lake Committee recommends similar language be added to PRP 3 for consistency. A Board Tab will be prepared and submitted for inclusion in the February 27, 2018 Board Meeting

New Business:

1. Sub Committee Break-Out Sessions (Based on November 9, 2017 sign-up sheets)
• Establish Chair/Secretary positions and discuss, prioritize/assign projects
• Each Sub Committee will review their specific section(s) of the 2015 LH Lake Management Plan, past work product by lake related Contractors/VDGIF and provide an action plan no later than the June 2018 LC Meeting
• Each Sub Committee will report @ LC Monthly Meetings
• Water Quality Testing and Internal Loading issues
• Sediment, Erosion, and Runoff Control (external loading issues, tributary management, sediment remediation, erosion control measures)
• Fishery (habitat, vegetation, stocking, VDGIF, etc.)
• Rules, Regulations, and Enforcement (PRP3, Lake Patrol)
• Newsletter/Communication (Newsletter articles, minute taking, position papers)

2. Liaison Group (represent LC at Finance, Board, and Master Planning Meetings)

3. 2018 Water Quality Sampling RFP (Review/Approval)
• The draft RFP was reviewed at the meeting with a revision to include 2017 testing stations/sampling protocols as the preferred method for 2018 bidders. If a bidder prefers an alternative strategy they must explain why it would be more beneficial for overall lake/tributary health. All PH references will be eliminated.
• To ensure the May 2018 sampling date is met, timely Board approval of all facets of the RFP will be critical. A motion was made to submit the RFP for Board consideration at the February 27, 2018 meeting. If approved RFP distribution to bidders would occur prior to March 1, with a response/reply date of March 30. We would then choose a successful bidder and present at the Board’s April Meeting for approval and sampling start-up in May 2018. The Motion was made by Judi Borcherding, seconded by Bob Stefanowicz and received a unanimous vote.

4. 2018 Fish Stocking/Construction and Placement of Artificial Habitat
• Results from the 2017 VDGIF Electro Shock Survey noted a significant decline in our smallmouth bass population. The 2009 survey showed that smallmouth comprised 50% of our black bass population, during 2014 smallmouth dropped to 29% and 2017 showed a sharp decline to 6%. Based on discussions with VDGIF and the fishing community agreement was reached that a series of event led to this decline. The 10′-12′ lake draw down during dam construction, stocking of grass carp, age/mortality of our larger/mature spawning class fish, limited/no cover for recruitment class fish and the inherent difficulties associated with smallmouth spawning have all contributed to the decline in smallmouth population.
• VDGIF recommends initial stocking of 1000 fingerling smallmouth bass from a reputable fish hatchery during 2018 and future placement of artificial habitat to provide cover for yearling class fish
• Private donations have been collected and will be sufficient to cover the initial stocking. No LHCC funds will be required for this first event. A Motion was submitted by Jared Mounts to introduce 1000 fingerling smallmouth bass at no cost to the association during June 2018.
• The Fishery Sub-Committee will formulate a detailed proposal to present at the March LC Meeting leading to a Board request for approval of several types of artificial habitat. After a period of time scuba divers and/or underwater cameras will be used to determine which habitat is preferred by our fish population. This determination will lead to safe placement of GPS marked preferred fish habitat at several locations within Lake Holiday.

5. 2019 Budget Requests by the Master Planning Committee (MPC)
• The LC discussed several items for inclusion in the 2019 budget and the LC will discuss/approve items for inclusion at the March 8, 2018 meeting
• The Co-Chairs will also contact the MPC Chair (Scott Simko) to determine what if any information will be needed regarding the Reserve Replacement Fund

6. Communications – Newsletter recommendations
• The committee discussed ideas for the March newsletter and agreement was reached to resubmit the previous year’s Fertilizer Use Recommendations to help protect the lake while also issuing a reminder about boat/slip registration dates

7. NALMS Membership
• Annual membership in the North American Lake Management Society provides access to a wealth of information about lake management and ecosystems
• The board voted to approve ongoing membership for LHCC in 2017/2018
• The Co-Chairs will contact the office to determine the 2018 renewal date, ensure payment and obtain Log-In information to share with the entire Committee

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