Lake-Related Dos and Don’ts


Written by Anthony Morelli

On May 24, 2019

Lake-Related Dos and Don’ts For Summer and Boating Season:

Summer has nearly arrived and boating season is here. The Lake Committee would like to make you aware and remind you of several items related to The Lake at Lake Holiday.

BOAT TRAILER ENTRY:  PRP5 Entry, Road Use, and Parking, Section B.4.e. requires that “All trailered boats, regardless of the owner’s membership status, must enter the front gate through the left lane.”  Even with a barcode decal, if you are trailering a boat, you have to enter through the left lane at the gate and stop for the guard.

NO WAKE ZONES:  Driving a boat fast in No Wake Zones is one of the most common violations we have on our lake.  These rules apply to all power boats, pleasure boats, and fishing boats.  This is an important safety rule.  PRP3 Lake Use and Boating, Section D.1.b, defines No Wake Areas as, “The areas west of the ‘No Wake’ buoys at Beach I, all of the lake fingers and coves inside of the ‘No Wake’ buoys, and the 100-foot wide zone along the shoreline of the High Speed Area.”  The PRP goes on to state that, “All boats must travel no faster than ‘no wake’ speed in the No Wake areas. “‘No wake’ speed is defined as the slowest possible speed required to maintain steerage and headway (one notch above neutral).”

LAKE CLEAN-UP:  The recent Lake Holiday community-wide clean up was a success. The Lake Committee would like to remind all boaters, shoreline property owners, and those using common areas along the lake to keep their personal property tightly secured.  This is important in order to keep trash, water sporting equipment, furniture, and other debris out of the lake.  Property owners are encouraged to keep their shorelines clean and, if needed, you may contact the Lake Committee.  Several members have volunteered to help with removal of debris if needed.  The office may accept small items for lost and found, but never large items or trash.

You may email the committee at

by Lake Committee

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