Landscaping Updates


Written by Judy

On November 23, 2022

Practical Enhancements and Beautification Underway Throughout Lake Holiday

Submitted by the BG&SA Committee, LHCC GM and Board of Directors

Landscaping. Specimens are now planted at the front entrance, Clubhouse, Marina, Beach 1, Beach 2, the Dog Park, and Country Club Park. Existing bushes and trees were trimmed, planting beds cleaned up, and mulch and/or rocks added, as follows:

  • Front Entrance. The trees at the front entrance were trimmed, shaped, and mulched. At the “T” intersection from the front gate at Masters and W Masters drives, the overgrown arborvitaes and old sign were removed and replaced with three Crepe Myrtles, and hardscape and shrubs will be installed soon. 
  • Clubhouse. Garden beds have been defined, existing trees, bushes and shrubs neatly trimmed, and new plants added. Three Giant Arborvitaes along the side of building now shield the view of air conditioning units.
  • Beach 1. Planting beds with hardscaping are being installed along the paved walkway to Beach 1. The goal on the right side is to reduce runoff, and on the left, to provide plantings and a seating bench with an enchanting view of the lake. A professionally installed paver patio will be added to extend the beach-facing side of the deck; with the new blue picnic tables positioned to take advantage of the expansive view of the lake. Sloped drainage will be added to the outdoor shower, and new paver steps will lead members, and the guest who accompany them, down to the beach.
  • Beach 2. In addition to further improvements in grading and drainage to address sand runoff into the lake, landscaping – to include new trees, shrubs along the sidewalk, and plantings to stabilize the steep sloped – have been installed above the sand beach area.
  • Marina. Nautical rope railings and solar post caps have been installed along the concrete walkway. Plants that can help stabilize the area have been installed and will be finished with stones along the water’s edge. Grasses add textural contrast behind the new retaining wall, next to the kayak/canoe racks.
  • Dog Park. Crepe Myrtles along Country Club Drive further soften the view of the fence.
  • Country Club Park. Plantings in front of the sign and beneath the trees now firmly establish the entrance to the park.

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