LHCC Election in October! Come on Out and VOTE!


Written by Judy

On September 9, 2019

The Lake Holiday Country Club is a Property Owners Association Community (POA). There are approximately 2000 property owners in this community that are under the direction of an elected board of volunteer homeowners who make decisions that affect all residents of the community.

Take a moment to let that sink in.  Your 11 representatives are charged with making the governing decisions that will affect thousands of properties and thousands of residents.  It cannot be stressed enough the importance of your participation in the annual election to select the people you believe are best suited to continue moving this community forward and building on the incredibly positive strides that have been taken over the years.

Association board actions have a direct effect on the value of a home, community reputation, and the overall quality of life for the residents of Lake Holiday Country Club.  These are factors that influence the desirability of our neighborhood and everyone’s property values.  Despite these realities, the annual election turnout at Lake Holiday historically has run in the 250-350 participant range, far fewer than the upwards of nearly 2000 properties that may be eligible to vote at the Annual Membership Meeting.  This annual election directly impacts how we all live; that is the vote for the Board of Directors for Lake Holiday Country Club.

To have a voice in how your community is operated, the Lake Holiday Country Club property owners must be proactive participants in their community, and it starts with voting at the board elections.  Those who get involved in their community association through the Annual Membership Meeting Elections and participation on the various committees in the community are able to influence how budgets are spent and what choices are made.

Our Association operates much like businesses, with the Board of Directors controlling budgets and making strategic decisions to run the community as efficiently, effectively, and as financially responsible as possible.  The all-volunteer board has tough tasks; to optimize budgets, minimize risk, invest in the community with their time/energy/research, and shape the desired lifestyle for residents within the framework of the law and the Association’s governing documents.  They must do this all while being fiscally responsible and socially aware of community’s dynamics.

Just as leaders for top corporations know the importance of bringing in experts to manage their company’s capital, the same holds true for association boards that turn to association property managers.  The Association board makes the primary decisions and sets the rules and regulations governing the management of the community.  The board has a fiduciary duty to ensure these are enforced fairly and may rely at times on experts in consideration for making the best decision they can.  The leadership that the board provides, combined with professional capabilities, access to resources, and good management practices, should work in tandem to serve the long-term best interests of the community at large.

Your actions protect the community.  The most important action you can take as a dues-paying member of the Lake Holiday County Club, Inc. Property Owners Association is to take the time to research your candidates and taking the time to vote either in-person or with your absentee ballot.  Please take the time to read and understand your annual election packet which will be coming your way very soon.  AND THEN VOTE!

Most associations are run by honest neighbors who volunteer to safeguard the value of the community and have only the best intentions for the place they also call home.  While these honest principles are simple and straightforward, it’s still important for every property owner with voting eligibility to minimize the chances of mismanagement, complacency, or worse.  Every property owner should take the time to get to know who is on the Board of Directors, who are the candidates running for board seats every election, who our General Manager is, who our staff are, attend board meetings and committee meetings, and express your concerns.  Even better, consider a run for a board seat yourself!

This is a highly-desirable community that people are clamoring to live in.  And every day, every week, every month, every year your Board of Directors is working diligently to promote and enhance all of the positive aspects of quality of life here.

Communities like ours don’t happen by chance. They develop and thrive when everyone, from homeowners to boards to managers to staff actively do their part. By participating in the annual Lake Holiday Country Club, Inc. Election of the Board of Directors you are taking responsibility for how the community is operated. Don’t simply leave it “in someone else’s hands.” Though there are times where an individual may feel that their vote, their voice doesn’t count on the local, state, or national level, please know that the best place for your voice and your vote to have a significant impact is right where you live, in your own private neighborhood here at Lake Holiday.

With nearly 2000 property owners in this community, we look forward to a massive turnout in all of our future elections and would be thrilled to see this year’s and all future years’ vote counts well above 1000 votes! So please, show up in-person and vote at the Annual Meeting & Election!  And if you can’t be here in-person, please take the time to read and understand your election packet and cast your absentee ballot! Your voice and vote matters in this community and the first step is taken when you cast your ballot at Lake Holiday Country Club, Inc.’s Annual Membership Meeting on October 26th, 2019.

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