LHCC Traffic Regulations


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On September 14, 2023

Kids are back in school. Please be alert and watch for children as they walk to and from the school bus stop.


Any individual (owner, tenant, resident, visitor or contractor) operating a vehicle within the community must observe all traffic rules and regulations relating to:

Speed: The maximum speed on any road within Lake Holiday is twenty-five (25) miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. Common sense should dictate slower speeds during periods of inclement weather or when road surface conditions are dangerous. Speed may be monitored by radar and/or video cameras.

Traffic Signs: All posted traffic signs are to be observed. For example, a stop sign requires coming to a complete stop at the stop sign before proceeding.

There shall be no parking within 20 feet of a corner or intersection as specified in Frederick County Ordinances (158.4F).

Please be aware that the right entry easy pass lane is limited to one car per green light. Proceed on green light only. Do not piggyback on the car in front of you.

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