March Board Meeting Recap


Written by Judy

On July 27, 2022

Provided by Board Secretary Elizabeth Hair

Trying to keep you informed and up to date on the latest news.  The following issues were discussed and voted on by the Board.

1. The Board voted to dissolve the Communications Committee  (only 2 members and Board     liaison) per their recommendation since the new staff position handles their responsibilities and the Master Planning Committee oversees and manages their projects.

2. Changes to PRP 2, Common Area Use / Camping.

a. Section A, Common Area Rules, added new subparagraph 13, “ATVs and dirt bikes/motorcycles that are not licensed for street use are not allowed on any common areas within LHCC.  See PRP NO. 5 ENTRY, ROAD USE, AND PARKING.  Section B, Policy #4.”

b. Put in writing the policy about camping that has been shared verbally.  Added to Section C, Camping Rules and Guidelines, subparagraph 2, “Lot owners without homes may   reserve a campsite up to five months in advance.  Lot owners with homes may reserve a campsite up to three months in advance if a spot is available.” 

3. The Board approved the 2022 Survey RFP and Budget as Lake Holiday must complete a     survey of its membership every 5 years with 2022 being the year.  (see next page)

4. Updates to PRP 12, Committees.  The Board Task Group is currently working on this PRP and will present recommended updates to the Board next month.

5. Open Board position.  Robert Adams resigned (moved out of Lake Holiday) and the Board     decided they wouldn’t fill the position since the membership voted to reduce the number of     positions on the Board in 2023.

6. The Board has agreed to negotiate with The Purple Cow to fill the snack shop this year.

That’s the news for this month.  Have a good day!

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