Marina Slip Reuse Policy Explained


Written by Anthony Morelli

On July 3, 2019

During the past several years, Lake Holiday Country Club (LHCC) has continued to add to its waiting list for marina slip access.  The current marina configuration provides dock space for 90 boats, and the current first-come/first-served wait list averages 50+ names.  The Lake Committee has noted over the past three-to-five years that while all 90 marina slips have been rented, many do not have a boat in them for long periods of time, sometimes the entire boating season.  There are several possible reasons for this occurrence including illness, boat sale, military deployment, and extended travel.  (Post continues below…)

The Lake Committee submitted a Board Tab during late 2018, which was approved, recommending that a “Voluntary Marina Slip Reuse Program” be implemented.  In accordance with this program, current slipholders not using their space can offer use of their dock area during the boating season to those on the wait list while also recovering a portion or all of their annual dock rental costs.

Interested slipholders should notify the Lake Holiday Office, and the Office in turn will contact persons on the wait list, starting with the first name and working their way down informing them of this opportunity.  When an interested party is found, the Office will have them complete a Modified-Use Agreement for the typical boating season (nine months), the remaining portion of that boating season, or the number of months the primary slipholder is willing to share.  The wait-listed member would then issue a check to LHCC equal to the above referenced time frame as a proportion of the current annual slip fee of $565, plus a $5 administrative processing fee.  The slipholder of record would receive a credit for the following year’s slip registration or a refund in the appropriate amount if the slip is surrendered.

At the end of the Modified-Use Agreement or current boating season, all rights to the slip will revert back to the primary slipholder of record and the wait-listed member(s) participating in the Modified-Use Agreement retain their current position on the marina slip wait list.

To ensure on-going compliance with PRP 3: Marina, Docks and Fishing Pier Regulations, and more specifically, Section G (1) (a), all marina slip reuse efforts must be coordinated through the LHCC Office.

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