May 2023 General Manager’s Report


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On June 19, 2023

May 2023

General Manager’s Report

Clubhouse Bathroom Vandalism

Sometime during this past weekend, May 13th or 14th, the downstairs bathrooms inside the Clubhouse were vandalized with wet toilet paper balls thrown against the walls, ceilings, and mirrors.  Although there was no permanent damage, this did result in the need for additional cleaning efforts.  Such issues result in unnecessary added expenses and wasted labor for the association and its membership.  Access to those bathrooms is only possible by key fob entry into the building and their use is limited to members and their guests.  Management requests that members accompany younger children when they are utilizing key fobs for access to the Clubhouse whenever possible, and that all members report any such issues that they may witness so that they may be addressed promptly.  We appreciate your assistance in keeping the facilities clean and free from vandalism and unnecessary damage. Thank you.

Maintenance Department Updates

The maintenance crew has been busy in preparation for the opening of the recreational season Memorial Day weekend. As a part of this effort, the crew installed the 10 new sitting benches purchased by the Board this past winter. Seven of these were installed at Beach I, two were installed at Beach II, and the final bench was installed near the Beach II area playground.

The team has completed installation of new beach signage at all three beach locations and will begin installing the newly acquired signage necessitated by recently adopted parking rule changes later this week. These signs include parking placard requirement notification signs for the Clubhouse, Marina, and the Beach II parking areas, parking restriction signage for the “vehicle with trailer” parking area as well as the Marina loop parking areas. The crew will be installing new parking safety bollards in the “vehicle with trailer” lot and at Beach II as necessary to address safety concerns and to protect infrastructure.

The crew has recently completed placement of a large amount of sand with approximately 160 tons of sand being placed on Beach I and approximately 70 tons placed on Beach II. This has greatly improved the beach surfaces and should result in an improved experience for beachgoers.  The surrounding drainage area control ditch improvements completed by the crew over the winter have drastically improved runoff control and will help to keep this sand in place during the recreational season.  During the roughly 5 inches of rain over the course of a few recent days, the beaches experienced very little in the way of erosion witnessing the effectiveness of improvements in water control. Reading Landscapes is scheduled to complete plantings along the new beachside walkway at Beach I this week along with the installation of a mulch edge border along the bottom of the berm. Once this work has been completed, the maintenance crew will complete sand manicuring around the new benches and install decorative stone along the Beach I access road.

Walking Trails

Work on the existing common area gravel walking trails to repair runoff damage and address drainage issues was completed by Keystone Builders over the past few weeks.  The trails are again in great shape, and the drainage improvements performed well during the recent rains with no notable washouts occurring. Ben Cook (of Keystone Builders) has now begun work on the new trail system sections slated for construction this year.  These new sections include nearly 1.5 miles of trail and will connect the LHCC bus stop to the existing trail loop that runs from Country Club Park out to the large pond by West Masters Drive.

Roadside Tree Trimming

Ben Smelser of Smelser’s Tree Service has resumed tree trimming along the LHCC roadways with plans to be onsite at least one day per week until all roadways have been completed. His crew worked along West Masters last Friday and intend to resume there this Friday. Smelser intends to keep at least one lane open while working and has flaggers directing traffic during operations.  Please use caution when traveling through work zones for the protection of those working and other motorists. Thank you for your patience while this much needed work is undertaken.

Submitted May 17, 2023

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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