May Board Meeting Recap


Written by Judy

On July 27, 2022

Provided by Board Secretary Elizabeth Hair

The Board approved the following:

· Carroll Construction, having the best price, will get the award to apply the Tar and Chip for LHCC roads this season.

· Ratified the Board’s unanimous approval email to purchase and install multiple Erik Zimmerman Lake Holiday photos for the clubhouse for the 50th anniversary celebration weekend.

· Due to daytime glare and heat from the sun on the south side of the Clubhouse, the Board voted to award a contract to install Architectural Window Film to south-facing windows and doors of the clubhouse and privacy film to one set of interior doors – for a not-to-exceed amount of $7,000 using Undesignated Funds. 

· As the Lake Holiday Capital Improvement Program has not evolved as originally envisioned, the Treasurer requested implementing a priority-based Capital Improvements Program effective with the 2023 Budget.

· Due to an increase in delinquencies, the Board elected to re-instate the practice of publishing over 90 days delinquents (names, address and lot numbers) with delinquent amounts equal to, or greater than, $150 in the newsletter every 6 months beginning with the September 1, 2022 newsletter.  The LHCC office and accounting firm will exercise due diligence.  Payment plan participants will not be included. 

· The Board voted to dissolve the Restaurant Working Group since they completed the investigation into establishing a restaurant within Lake Holiday without incurring any costs to the membership. (See Restaurant article in this newsletter, page 7.)

· The PRP Working Group, established to update LHCC PRPs, concluded that PRP 14, Clubhouse, needed a comprehensive update to all sections for clarity of rental agreements by members and tenants, fee information and reservation requirements, types of events and activities that are permitted in the Clubhouse; addition of special event and/or General Liability Insurance, and alcohol consumption and VA required licenses. The Board approved the update.  (See the completed PRP on the Lake Holiday website under “Documents”, then “Governing Documents.”)

If you want to know more, read the April Board Book on the LHCC web site.

That’s the news for this month.  Have a good day!

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