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Written by Judy

On September 13, 2022

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Candidate Biographies

Derrick Charles

1020 Lakeview Dr



Background: I graduated from Sherando High School in 2001 and chose to continue working instead of attending college. I am currently a sales/account manager with Hub Scrap Metals in Winchester and have over 20 years of experience in that field of work. My wife and now 6-year-old son moved to Lake Holiday in November of 2018 and have fallen in love with this community.

Relevant experience: My years in management have taught me to not sit back and wait for a solution to present itself. I prefer to identify the problem, gather the information needed to come up with a solution, and then implement the plan.

Lake Holiday committee/Board experience: I joined the Activities committee shortly after moving here in 2018, but then left that committee and joined the Master Planning committee and the Lake committee. I was part of the restaurant sub-committee and then the board appointed restaurant working group. I have attended multiple board meetings but am not currently on the Board.

I’m running for a Board seat because I feel the Board of Directors needs a broader representation of the community. Lake Holiday has more of a young family presence than ever before, and I feel that their representation is lacking currently. I enjoy being active in the committees and I feel this is the next step for me to contribute.

I believe Lake Holiday has a few large issues that are going to be addressed in the near future. Parking at beach 1, how to manage the number of guests using our amenities, lake health, and forest health are just a few of the things that we as a community will need to address. One of my main goals would be to connect with a larger portion of our community to get multiple viewpoints and hopefully some “out of the box” thinking that can help Lake Holiday moving forward. We currently have a good portion of our retired community that attend meetings and give their opinions, but very little from the younger residents. Lake Holiday is moving into the future at a rapid pace and I believe the entire community working together is the best way to get there.

Elizabeth A. Hair

101 Vista Court

Cross Junction, VA 22625

Lake Holiday Section and Lot Number: C 48/004 B

(703) 338-4898

I moved to Lake Holiday in March of 2018 after 35 years of Air Force Government service. I have a strong background in leadership and solid experience in building relationships, articulating visions, implementing goals and objectives, and effectively resolving problems having held Air Force leadership positions for over 14 years.

I have volunteered for different positions since high school and enjoy participating in community work. I’ve not only represented the Air Force to partnering nations and NATO, but also represented the Department of Defense on several Federal working groups always mindful of what is in the best interest of the organization. In Lake Holiday, I’ve participated on several committees and working groups: the latest updating several Policies, Rules and Procedures. I have held a Board position for the last 3 years and was Secretary for the last year. I have managed not only record keeping of Board meetings but had the responsibility of drafting and publishing the Lake Holiday newsletter – keeping the membership informed and enlightened.

My interest in serving another 3 years will be to continue making this a better place to live with an ever-watchful eye on the financial health of the organization. I have and am working to update/replace aging equipment/systems without raising dues and keeping costs in check. In addition, I moved here for the lake and want to make sure our lake is healthy and stays with us for many years to come.

Jonathan Katora

1243 Lakeview Drive

Sec 4A Lot 18


Great communities thrive when individuals participate. As someone that has been part of various communities, large, small, professional, residential, and interest-based, I believe serving on the board of the Lake Holiday community would benefit from my skills, values, and approach.

As mentioned, I have a fairly diverse background. Professionally, I have been a sailor, an educator, a writer, a software developer, and a leadership coach. While serving in the Navy, I earned my bachelor’s and eventually my MBA. I’ve developed, documented, and trained individuals on complicated enterprise software. Additionally, I helped design and facilitate courses to develop individuals as leaders. Currently, I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs where I drive the strategic roadmap for Veteran-facing IT systems.

My current job at the VA requires me to set, manage, and prioritize a $500M annual budget that is influenced by diverse Veteran needs and the demand of multiple stakeholders. My education helps me understand and evaluate total cost of ownership for projects and initiatives. I believe the ability to oversee and manage these large-scale programs will be valuable as a Lake Holiday board member who needs to “see the big picture” of how the initiatives the board undertakes affect the community at large. However, the lessons learned as a leadership coach have prepared me to be a responsive and responsible board member for Lake Holiday. Active listening, empathy, and effective communication are all important skills to have as a board member.

While I have participated in Lake Holiday-sponsored activities in the past, this would be my first official position at Lake Holiday. Most recently I participated in the Lake Holiday stream walk, which taught me to better understand the health of the lake and what it takes to ensure it remains healthy and beautiful for future generations.

While participation in the stream walk sparked my interest in running for a board position, my desire to serve comes from my family’s belief in the power of a connected community. When my family purchased our property at Lake Holiday, we also bought into a great community. But great communities don’t exist without dedicated people. HOA fees alone will not magically produce a community-focused mindset. Great communities demand sweat equity and leadership from people willing to put in the time and effort. I am ready to work for the community here at Lake Holiday.

If elected, my number one focus will be improving community engagement. Having high engagement with Lake Holiday’s official and social activities ensures the board will hear your voice and understand what you think is, or is not, important. While serving on the board, I will look for areas to improve communication with individuals and groups in the community, find opportunities to make engaging with the board easy and effective, and ensure the board hears from as many community members as possible on topics. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Patricia Majewski

104 Carolyn Drive

Section 1, Lot 102



My husband and I came to Lake Holiday in 1996 when still called The Summit. The roads were gravel, the clubhouse was boarded up and unfinished and there was no money in the bank. Even so, we thought it was a beautiful place with great potential and became fulltime residents

in 2005. Once settled, I became a volunteer and have been actively involved in preserving our lake’s health, developing additional amenities and ensuring that our finances are in great shape.


I earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Emory University, then a Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the University of Florida. In 2012 I passed the bar exam in Virginia to become a licensed attorney.

Professional Career

My 30 years as a physician in Fairfax have provided me with the skills to be an effective Board member. In addition to managing my own practice, I developed, implemented and managed a specialized hospital patient treatment unit, served on hospital committees and managed a commercial real estate venture. I learned the need to compromise for the greater good, how to manage budgets and make difficult policy decisions. My legal education gave me an understanding of laws which affect property owners’ associations as well as our own association governing documents.

Lake Holiday Volunteer Experience

I continue to be a committed LHCC volunteer. I have been on the LH Board of Directors four times, serving as President for three years.  During my time as President, we acquired the golf course property and 500 acres of land southwest of the lake completing the community. Mail station re- paving, concrete floor/driveways for the trash facility, doubling paved parking spaces at the clubhouse and the new marina anchoring system are projects I have initiated and worked on this year. Currently, I am a member of Master Planning, Lake and Finance Committees. Last year, I worked with Finance to convert the former golf course property into common area thus completely eliminating the tax burden for the association. I’ve been co-chair of Land Advisory and member of Golf Course Advocacy, Technology and Security Committees.  I am very familiar with how the Board manages the Association and the rules that it must follow. I am also a volunteer with SPAR, the community cat rescue organization.

Why I Wish to be a Member of the Board

I want to continue to be part of the challenges of prudently managing our resources and budget while enhancing the community without placing undue burden on members. All projects require careful planning and effective execution. I want to represent the best interests of everyone, help establish fair and reasonable policies, and continue to make Lake Holiday a great place to live, raise a family, and retire.

Areas of Focus

Lake health is critical to the future of this community’s recreation and property values. This year, the Board approved going forward with more complete engineering studies to design ways to protect the lake by limiting sediment and phosphorus from entering the lake. Also, we now appreciate the importance of forest management if we want healthy trees for future generations and will be exploring working with foresters to come up with a plan to preserve our beautiful environment for future generations. In addition, I’m committed to enhancing communications between the board and the membership and in keeping assessments affordable and well under control.

Charles Nieman

115 Waterside Lane

Sec 5B, Lot 1211

(330) 352-8685


My wife, Rita, and I moved here in 2018 and quickly decided to make this our long-term home. We had both recently retired, but up to then we had led a nomadic life that included 19 moves and 13 years outside the USA. Along the way, we raised three sons and emotionally added a fourth—all are married and have blessed us with eight grandchildren. Our eldest and his family live in Winchester, which was a huge draw for us.

We really like it here at Lake Holiday! It is truly a hidden gem and we, like many others, stumbled onto it, but once here, we sank deep roots. We enjoy the community and community life, the lake and its opportunities for relaxation and water skiing, the hiking trails and huge forested green space, and the fun sport opportunities in our common areas.

Professionally, I have had two full career paths, first as an Army officer and second as a university faculty member and administrator. Both of these required leadership and management skills in a fairly diverse range of organizational settings and levels. And both career paths strongly encouraged a service component, which has helped us get to know and support community life, find ways to address some needy areas, and come alongside wonderful people. In our last home I helped support a women’s shelter and served in Rotary focusing on student exchange programs. Here at Lake Holiday, I currently serve on the Finance and the Building, Grounds, and Safety committees.

Focus Areas:

It would be an honor to serve on the Board of Directors. If elected, my focus areas would be:

  1. Roads and trails. I am a walker and am very interested in maintaining safe roads and trails, especially in the forested and common areas.
  2. Lake health. The lake is a major resource for all of us and that requires a carefully researched and considered comprehensive plan for lake health. And
  3. Financial health. Lake Holiday is very fortunate to be financially healthy and sound, and it is critical that this health be sustained. There is much good that can flow from this for our community.

Dennis J. Root

1315 Lakeview Drive

Cross Junction, Virginia 22625

Section 4A Lots 072 & 074

Background: I have a background in the skilled trades and construction industry, and I owned and operated a $2M, 12-employee specialty contracting company. Integrity Access Mgmt. Corp. specialized in access control, security, automatic gates, garage doors, cameras, security networks, and more. Our team continuously adopted and integrated the latest technologies to provide the best service to our clients.

I retired in March of 2020 and we moved to Lake Holiday from California in early 2021. I am happily married to my wife, JoAnn, and am a father of five, grandfather to nine (as of November), and great-grandfather of one!

Relevant Volunteer Experience: I currently volunteer with WCSDO, a worldwide group of Christian scuba divers that dive and do mission work. To-date, we have traveled to Bonaire, Curacao, Cozumel, Cayman Brac, Dominica and Grenada. Projects include building and painting, constructing greenhouses, and assembling clean water filtration kits for schools, churches and orphanages. We also provide training so residents can maintain clean water and grow their own food.

As a former lieutenant in the Compton Initiative for 10-years, I led 1,000 volunteers in the beautification of schools in underserved communities around Los Angeles. This involved organizing supplies, pre-washing the buildings and managing the volunteers on work days. I also managed event logistics at annual Men’s Retreats of 500 + men, led a weekly bible study and assisted with the construction and set-up of seasonal decor at church.

Applicable Experience that I bring to the Lake Holiday Board:

  • Reopening the LHCC Community Garden – attending committee and board meetings to prepare the plan for board approval and offering labor and materials to layout and maintain this revitalized amenity.
  • Physical security and access management technology expertise.
  • 25+ years’ experience in property management, remodeling and new construction industries.
  • Skilled trades management – including electricians, concrete and masonry professionals, carpenters, iron workers and associated job superintendents and foremen.
  • Project management – directed hundreds of client projects, including estimating job costs, scheduling, invoicing, construction documents, warranty information and ensuring legal and code compliance.

Statement: Completion of the job, any job, large or small, in a highly efficient and professional manner is what matters most to me. My word is my bond; therefore, the name of the company I founded was Integrity Access. I am very skilled at troubleshooting when problems arise, and in a community of 960+ homes, they will arise!

Areas of Focus:

  • Evaluation and Selection of Contractors, Equipment and Materials: I will research and engage qualified professionals, help decide the best materials and equipment and ensure we optimize our funds. The goal is to preserve our environment and enhance our community for the enjoyment of all – and for years to come.
  • Rapid Problem-Solving: I will apply project management skills to be responsive, work collaboratively with LHCC’s board members, committees and staff, and help to resolve issues as they arise in a timely manner.
  • Protecting Our Lake: I have always loved spending time outdoors, camping, hiking, running, kayaking, fishing, hunting, and truly appreciate that out lake is a valuable resource. We must ensure that it remains a safe and healthy body of water.

Stephanie Sullivan


My husband and I purchased our home here in Lake Holiday on our 23rd wedding anniversary in 2019. It was a labor of love as it was a foreclosure and needed so much work, so we took everything down to the studs and created a home worthy of family lake memories.

We moved here full time in Dec of 2021 and like many of us who transition from weekenders to full timers, we started to notice things that effect the day to day.

Relevant Experience

  • 30 years of professional business experience to include Project Management (I actually have my BA in Project Management), Human Resources, Organizational Change and Communication.
    • Founded the Middletown Area Chamber of Commerce and was a member of the board for 13 years holding the Communications Director, Secretary, VP and President roles.
    • Member of the Main Street Middletown Steering committee and hired as First Main Street Middletown Manager
    • Development Director for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, creating and implementing events raising millions of dollars over 3 years.

Lake Holiday Committee or Board Experience

I have attended both in person and virtually many Board and Committee meetings. This works to the community’s benefit when I am elected, as I do not come in with preconceived notions about people or issues within the community.  A new set of eyes to bring new perspective often leads to solutions.


Changing the “US vs THEM” mentality, by improving communications, security and amenities, will allow us to create a clear road map of improvement rather than a cycle of band-aids. We are one community and at the core we all want the same thing, a safe place for family memories and preserving the ecological community.

Focus Area

  • Security- reliable roving security, beach security presence April-Oct, Bag-tags for beach access.
    • Amenities- regular maintenance of open green space, beach disability access, ecological health
    • Communication- interactive social media presence including photos and videos of all things LH, more good news sharing instead of the constant “bad news” emails.

Bio-Introduction to Chris Willey

505 Masters Dr.

Cross Junction VA 22625

Section 202 lot 2


I am a retired management professional with 35 years of managing high-profile food service restaurants and catering operations. These encompassed new unit openings, unit improvement projects, facility, and large corporate food safety operations. As a professional chef I worked in roles as diverse as Park Catering and Production Chef at Universal Studios, Hollywood to Executive Chef of a 40 seat French restaurant. Until

February 2020, I managed a large staff of 50 to 110 people and administered all essential office functions ranging from payroll and HR to financial and budgeting duties for Compass Group/Restaurant Associates in Arlington VA and Washington DC. In 2008, I was the General Manager of Market Salamander in Middleburg VA, a gourmet grocery and casual upscale restaurant for Fortune magazine businesswoman of the year Sheila Johnson. From 2004 to 2008, I worked as a regional operations manager for the D.C based Seasons Culinary Service and was successful in growing sales and client loyalty, moving from a regional manager to a corporate manager. From 1999 to 2004, I successfully opened and operated several very extensive food service operations for Sodexho USA at the Gannett/USA-Today operations and Capital One Corp in Tysons Corner, VA and was responsible for all initial and ongoing hiring and set up of these operations. Those restaurants included large food courts, coffee shops, catering, and retail merchandise stores.

I have a degree in Restaurant management and have taken numerous continuing education courses in accounting, personnel management, computer application management and have completed all necessary coursework in project management. I have strong verbal and written skills and I am proficient in MS Office, financial accounting, HR and events management software. Lastly, I am a licensed Northern VA food service manager and have other food and beverage related certificates.

I recently served on the Lake Holiday Restaurant Subcommittee and presented a report on restaurants and food service to the LHC Board and homeowners during a BOD meeting this past Spring. I have served for the last several years on the Water and Septic Committee that helps to liaise between Aqua America (our operator of the system), the LHC BOD and the homeowners.

Why do I want to be a Board member?

I would like to serve on the Board to contribute to the strong, positive growth trends of this community. I am interested in enhancing and improving our common areas, amenities and standard of living while still maintaining fiscal responsibility by providing appropriate oversight. My background and a strong commitment will contribute appropriate and timely solutions to any obstacles that may arise while I am involved. We are all very lucky to live in such a great place and my goal is to help us all continue to enjoy it.

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