November 2018 Fish Stocking Event at Lake Holiday


Written by Anthony Morelli

On November 7, 2018

Through the combined efforts of the Lake Committee, the Board of Directors, the Administrative Staff, and private donors, the resulting successful fish-stocking event at Lake Holiday took place on November 1st, 2018.  Fender’s Fish Hatchery of Baltic, Ohio, delivered 800+ healthy Smallmouth Bass and 300+ Walleyes per our original contract while providing an additional 100 fish at no charge as thanks for Lake Holiday’s patience in waiting for the delivery!  Steve Fender also answered questions and provided a show-and-tell session for approximately 50 community members who had gathered at the marina to participate in the stocking process, which was exciting for all who attended this very interesting and educational event.

Several participants followed the hatchery truck from its first stocking location at the marina for stops at the dam and Beach II with additional releases at these locations. In addition to the shore-based fish releases, Lake Committee member Bobby Stefanowicz moved 400 to 500 of the 1200 fish being stocked by boat to other lake locations.  The purpose of the relocation was to take advantage of unique habitat such as submerged tree cover and rock piles.

Mr. Fender offered to return in early 2019 at no charge to discuss with interested parties Lake Holiday’s overall fishery management goals, such as future fish stocking, selective harvesting to promote the health and growth of each species, supplemental forage food sources, and the use and placement of artificial habitats to add in the health, growth, and overall survival of the stock.

Lake Committee Co-Chair Jon Reedy led the stocking initiative.  Committee member Jared Mounts, whose efforts resulted in the collection of $2,300 in private donations for this event, had high praise for Fender’s Fish Hatchery.  “I was very impressed,” said Jared, “with Steve’s professionalism, knowledge, down-to-earth personality, and willingness to work with the community members.”

In all, 860 Smallmouth Bass and 340 Walleyes were successfully released into Lake Holiday for future fishing pleasure.  For now, per Lake Holiday’s fishing regulations, the Walleyes and young Bass are all “catch and release” to allow for them to get acclimated to their new environment and start reproducing.

“I smell a Walleye fish fry in a few years,” said Jared.

The Lake Committee hopes to conduct similar stocking programs during the next couple of years. Anyone interested in making a private donation can contact Jared Mounts at

~Submitted by Lake Committee

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