November 2022 President’s Report


Written by Judy

On November 28, 2022

November 22, 2022

A new year for the Board of Directors of Lake Holiday has begun and we are in the midst of completing several projects that were approved last year. The new concrete floor and driveway for our trash facility is on schedule to be completed by the end of November. We appreciate the patience that everyone has shown in order to have a safer, cleaner and better-looking facility. The Gainesboro convenience center for garbage and recyclables is just down 522 and very convenient for those going into Winchester.

With this closure, some people in the community signed up for curbside garbage and recyclable pick up with a private contractor.  There are no rules against this.  There have been concerns, however, about trash cans being left out for days or permanently by the roadway in full sight of those driving and walking by.  If the trash containers are not fully closed, there is also the possibility of animals pulling out the garbage and scattering it on the ground and wind spreading loose plastic on the ground.  Because of these issues the board has created rules regarding trash containers.

When you choose to live in a property owners’ association, you are governed by a Board of Directors which is authorized by law to create rules and regulations for the safety and welfare of the members of the association and to maintain and operate the common areas.  You do leave a lot of your freedom to do as you please at the front gate. You also have the benefits that come with living in a property owners’ association including use of the lake, beaches, a clubhouse and a gated entry.

Some of the other projects that are in the works right now are new landscaping throughout the community, new playgrounds to be delivered and installed after Thanksgiving and the marina anchoring system which began the week of November 14th and will take three to four weeks to complete.

Most of the community already knows that both of our speed cameras were stolen.  One was found in the lake.  Each camera cost the association $12,000.  The value of the cameras makes this crime grand larceny, a felony.  The association is offering a $1000 reward for information helping to lead to an arrest. A working group will look into ways to make the cameras more secure when new ones are purchased.

Expanding the parking area in front of the clubhouse is going to be a very expensive project and may take awhile for funds to accumulate.  In the meantime, a working group of Board and Building, Grounds and Safety members will work on a plan for improving the parking problem that we experience during the season on weekends including special parking rules for holiday weekends.

Our security cameras (Mobotix) are aging (about 8 years old) and it is time to begin exploring replacing them with more up to date hardware and software.  They are also proprietary and replacing parts that fail is very expensive.  The funds for this project will come out of replacement reserve. A group of MPC and board members will focus on the requirements and create an RFP to send out to multiple vendors.

Now that the old, large directional sign has been removed at the front gate, there has been some discussion about procuring a digital sign for the community.  These signs have improved since last investigated by the board in 2015. The board has agreed to move ahead with exploring this possibility.

As always, we welcome community input on all these new projects.  Please let the office know if you have special expertise in security camera systems.

A new sound system has been installed in the clubhouse to be used for a variety of events. It involves two new JBL column speakers mounted on the beams and a JBL 18” powered subwoofer, a Bluetooth wireless stereo receiver, amplifier and wireless handheld and lavalier microphone system plus loudspeaker management system.  Several of us tested the system last week. The sound is fantastic.  The owls can be hooked into these speakers so that people in the room will be able to hear us better.  There will be written instructions for setup and use posted in the storage room.

A member of the association who is planning on building a house here and has done a lot of research on solar panels for residential property would like to present a power point and discussion to the community.  This would be a LHCC-sponsored event. There will be no vendors present nor promoted.  He provided the following overview of what he would like to accomplish:

Residential solar, also known as PV Systems are a great way to offset homeowner’s electric usage. One of our members, Jon Katora, has substantial experience with the solar installation process and would like to host an education session for members to learn about rooftop PV systems. In this presentation, Jon will go over some of the reasons and methods for going solar, relevant to LHCC, Frederick County, and Virginia rules. This event will help LHCC homeowners learn how to get the right system for their needs and maximize their investments. All members will be invited to attend. Time and Date TBD pending board approval and office scheduling.

I hope everyone has a happy holiday season. The Board will not be meeting again until the 24th of January.

Pat Majewski

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