Our Compliance Committee


Written by Judy

On January 21, 2018

What it is and what it is not…
by Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee is a group of community volunteers who provide a forum for Association members who have been charged with a violation of one of LHCC’s rules. The Committee is not an enforcer, nor does it issue tickets or notices of violations.

Complaints are initiated either by the office, the security guards, or members of the community (whose identity may remain anonymous) when an infraction is alleged to have occurred. Complaints during the second six months of 2017 ranged from throwing prohibited items into or around the trash facility (27), to speeding, not stopping in the left lane at the guard gate, pulling a boat through the easy pass lane at the gate, parking in a handicapped space without a tag, and various boating violations from speeding in a no wake zone to not having the proper registration sticker. If a complaint is determined to be valid, the General Manager or an individual authorized by him issues a citation that is required by the Virginia POA Act to be sent by certified mail to the property owner, who may decide to prepay any fine and end the matter.

Depending on when the citation is issued, the complaint generally is put on a docket to be reviewed at the next month’s Compliance Committee meeting. All cited members as well as any member of LHCC are invited to attend Compliance Committee meetings, which are held in the Clubhouse at 7:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday of each month when there is a docket of violations.

Depending on who made the complaint, the General Manager or the security officer presents the facts of the stated infraction, along with any video or other evidence, to the committee members at the meeting. If the member who was cited is present, he or she may then present any explanation or evidence to the committee. After all of the docketed citations have been heard the room is cleared and the committee members meet in executive session to deliberate. If the committee determines a violation occurred, it may issue a penalty ranging from a warning all the way up to $50, or in the case of a continuing violation, $10 per day for up to 90 days so long as the violation is not remedied.

Determinations by the committee are sent, again by certified mail as required, to the member charged. If the member agrees with the result, he or she can pay the fine, if any, and that ends the matter. If the member does not agree, he or she may appeal to the Board of Directors. Failure to pay a fine that is upheld on appeal results in loss of privileges, including use of all LHCC facilities.

Committee members do not discuss their deliberations, specific infractions or the individuals involved outside of committee meetings. Their purpose is not to embarrass or blame a member accused of violating one of LHCC’s rules, but rather to provide a forum for members to give their side of the story and appeal any proposed fine stated in the initial notification. Committee members strive to be fair, consistent and compassionate in their decisions. After all, they are your friends and neighbors.

Thank you!

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