President’s Report April 2022


Written by Judy

On April 27, 2022


By Pat Majewski

Happy Easter!  When did we ever have several inches of snow the day after?  The weekend before Easter, Spring Fling was a rousing success even though it was cool outside.  The clubhouse was packed with people of all ages and everyone had a great time.  Shady Paw’s Animal Rescue (SPAR), which rescues cats who are lost or unclaimed and fosters them until permanent homes can be found, was at the event with two foster cats.  The actual owner of one of the foster kitties came to the Spring Fling, found her cat and was able to surprise her 8 year old son, who was missing his cat terribly, by bringing Fluffy home that evening.  He had been lost for about two months!  This is a great non-profit organization which also participates in the TNR  (Trap-Neuter-Release) program for Lake Holiday’s feral community cat colonies.  The goal is for Lake Holiday to eventually have many fewer kittens being born with no one to care for them.  If you find a hurt or lost kitty don’t hesitate to reach out to SPAR.  They have their own Facebook page.  This is the time of year when kittens are born.  SPAR will also help out with dogs as well.  They will reach out to dog rescue organizations.  They are always looking for donations of cat supplies.

The Purple Cow will be opening up in the snack shop space in May, hopefully by the time of the 50th anniversary celebration, which is before Memorial Day.  They have already started to move into the space and had a purple tent set up outside during Spring Fling which served their signature hot mini donuts.  They are delicious! When they finalize the menu for Lake Holiday, it will be posted on the Lake Holiday Facebook page and on the website.

Allied, the new security firm, will be posting updates on actions they are taking to improve their services each month in the board book under the general manager’s report.

The Association has sent out requests for proposals for estimates for concrete and asphalt of the gravel drive around the trash compactor and concrete in front of the open top dumpster.  We hope that improving this facility will be something that the association can afford and provide to the community.  We are also sending out requests for estimates for replacing and putting new asphalt down around the three older mail stations, Sunset, Yeiders, and in front of the clubhouse.  These driveways are sorely in need of improvement.

For the clubhouse, estimates are being gathered to hang blackout shades or darken the windows to improve the quality of projection to the large screen, carpet replacement, painting and acoustical tile solutions for the ceiling of the clubhouse to reduce the echo.  We hope to get these projects completed this year.

The upgrades to Beach 2 are almost completed and the beach will be ready for use by Memorial Day.  A pavilion pad has been poured in preparation for building a large pavilion with picnic tables.  Landscaping of the berm behind the beach and new trees along the parking spaces will be done in the fall. 

 The concrete block retaining wall by the marina pathway is completed.  Improvements to the dog park including aerating and putting down grass seed, laying pebbles in the muddy areas, and placing a pavilion are in progress.

A group of members have started up the community garden again and have created a club for those interested in renting a plot.  Their plans will be in the board book this month.  The fence has already been fixed and the ground has been mowed and tilled for them by the maintenance crew.  The association is looking forward to seeing the final results of the members’ work.

SVEC is planning on installing fiberoptic cable on their lines that surround Lake Holiday (Redland Rd and Whitacre Rd).  This will occur within the next year.  Once Frederick County rural areas are completed then SVEC will offer ISPs the opportunity to lease broadband space on these lines allowing the potential for fiberoptic service in Lake Holiday within three to four years.

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