President’s Report, August 2019


Written by Richard Traczyk

On August 23, 2019

It has been brought to my attention AirBNB has a house located here at Lake Holiday on their website.  This practice could become an issue as per PRP-15 Home Rental, Section B.1:

“A home at Lake Holiday may be leased or rented for an initial period of not less than six months. The term of the lease or rental may be extended past the initial period at the discretion of the Owner and the lessee or renter.”

Questions also arise about County regulations related to tax issues and business license requirements.  It may be a concern who is entering our community as the property owner most likely would not know the guest. Should the Board recommend having our attorney draft a regulation against such a practice (for discussion)?  

Emails addressed to the Board — who should respond?   Although this was discussed a few meetings ago there has been mixed success and seems to be an issue with some community members.  I can continue to answer the emails, but some questions that I am not an authority on and/or do not know the answer, I hand off (for discussion).

A question about Clubhouse use has come up.  Staff was asked to approve the room for a political debate sponsored by Lake Holiday Families Club, an organization designated for family activities.  Should we allow?allow (for discussion).  There has also been a request for a Q&A Town Hall featuring local school board representatives.  I turned this over to Director Coates who deals with that scenario to determine validity and details of the event if we move forward.

The new Board-approved stop signs and speed indicator sign have arrived and are being assembled by maintenance.  Staff will put notification reminders as to the location where they will be installed.

The radar patrol has been active.  The Compliance Committee had 32 violations this past month; 29 for speeding, mostly on West Masters Drive where the majority of the complaints were noted.  Speeds clocked ranged from 31 mph to mid-40s mph.

The contaminated pond on Masters has cleared on its own with the recent heavy rains.  Samples were taken, but it’s doubtful testing will yield any conclusive information.  Any results will be available in the next week or two. The pond across the street has an algae bloom, testing is being done on its toxicity, which has been determined to be well-below EPA thresholds for toxic exposure. An advisory was issued for the ponds to the community in an abundance of caution, particularly where pets are concerned.  

Tar-and-chip of roadways will start the end of August, 1st of September.  GM Goodwin has put out notification as to timing and roads involved. Be ready for the usual community concerns. September the office will be closed for 3 days, the 18, 19, 20 for the election mailing. It’s the same time the board books are put together.

As Staff requested in the past , staff is asking all the Board tabs be in September  16th and all material by the 19th to allow time to publish the agenda  and prepare the book .. The other option is to move the meeting.

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