President’s Report, December 2017


Written by Richard Traczyk

On January 15, 2018

Jarret Tomalesky

On behalf of Lake Holiday CC Board of Directors, I want to wish the members of our community a great holiday season.

First and foremost, please join me in welcoming Jarret Tomalesky to the Board of Directors. Mr. Tomalesky fills the vacant seat on the board for the duration of the 2017-2018 term. A warm welcome and thanks for volunteering to Jarret Tomalesky.

2017 was a trying year for our community, yet much was accomplished. Understanding our lake issues proved to be a major undertaking and the Board will continue to pay close attention to its health and planning for the future.

Office staff resignations and subsequent reorganization has shown the great professionalism we have in our staff. Our new GM, Mike Goodwin, stepped up and we had no issues with daily operations. The staff has been willing to make adjustments and now have new job responsibilities. A new position was created for an administrative assistant that has now been filled, so we are again at full staff.

During the 2017 annual meeting, our past President, Pat Majewski, summarized the changes and numerous accomplishments made during the year. Many improvements will continue into 2018. The TechComm Committee will continue to assist with the upgrades of the computer systems for the gate house, office, accounting, and clubhouse. The WiFi upgrade in the club house has just been completed and working exceptionally well. New controllers and cabinets will be installed in the near future to further improve our communication ability and modernize our outdated equipment.

The Master Planning Committee recently recommended conversion 94 lots in section 8A into a common area, thereby reducing the real estate tax base to the County. This effort will continue over the next few years by conducting lot swaps where possible. This will allow the community to look at long-term options and keep the property away from more housing development. Some lots on the north end of 8A will be offered for sale, but will require water, sewer, and a road system, thus making it doubtful any development will happen soon. A map showing 8A changes is available in the office if interested. Sales of any property will be used to pay down the golf course debt.

Things to watch for in 2018 will be new trail signs, more kayak storage racks, horseshoe pits, and picnic tables. In the spring trees will be planted along Redland Road in order to screen the boat storage area. A sign at the front gate will also be installed.

On a broader scope, the Board will work on a budget approval process in order to clarify how to have budget items approved. The Board will also investigate options as what to do with the old office building on Redland Road.

This is just a sampling of what’s ahead in 2018 which promises to be another aggressive year full of opportunities and advancements. I encourage our membership to join one of the numerous committees that help the Board make major decisions that affect all of us.

Aqua Virginia Inc., as many know, will be asking the State Regulatory Board for a major water/sewer rate increase. Our Board will work with the County on a plan to oppose the increase through letters of opposition mailed to the Regulatory Board. Additional news that may break on this issue will be shared in the coming year.

As your president this year, I will continue round table meetings for you to discuss issues of concern. The 2019 budget process will soon begin and I will work with the Finance Committee to ideally have no assessment increase.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy new year!

(Submitted by Richard Traczyk)

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