President’s Report, December 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On December 19, 2018

New Board member orientation with LHCC Attorney Doug McCarthy was held December 4th in his Winchester office.  Betka Hardgrave, Bob Middleton, Ed Noble, and I attended.  It was an informative meeting, reviewing responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors.

The Christmas Potluck hosted by the Activity Committee was a success. Over 100 adults and children attended the event. The Lake Holi-Dames entertained with a number of seasonal songs and the children enjoyed a visit with Santa.  Good times were had by all in attendance.

A three-year contract with Haines Security has been officially signed.

There have been numerous complaints about the lack of boat storage and the swampy condition of the current storage area. B/G chair Alex Perka, GM Mike Goodwin, and I are taking a closer look at the Bounds property for possible expansion options. There is money in the budget to do some work.

Staff is looking for a potential additional maintenance employee. The GM feels he has a good candidate.

The old office has been vandalized. Windows were broken and there were signs of entry. It may be time to think seriously about what should be done with the structure.

In the coming year I would like to continue the Town Hall meetings as we had last year. They seemed to go well and were fairly well attended. Possible topics might include:

  1. Open forum with all Board Members.
  2. Mr. Fender to explain the restocking of the lake, and fish life.  Update on the lake.
  3. An update on the Hub, plans and timing.
  4. Individual Committees to report on their activity and progress (as Safety and the Lake Committee did last year.)
    These are just some possibilities for next year. If you have any topic suggestions, please let me know.  Dates for the Town Hall meetings need to be scheduled with the office as soon as possible due to clubhouse availability.

I have had discussions with Association Counsel about alcohol consumption in common areas of our community.  Counsel has indicated that we are liable if we provide/serve alcohol at Lake Holiday-sponsored functions. The liability in the courts today really minimizes that liability, however, with BYOB for personal consumption.  BYOB is most likely not an issue if it is responsible consumption.

Counsel suggested contacting our insurance carrier.  Our insurance carrier indicated that LHCC is covered as long as we do not supply, manufacture, or sell alcoholic beverages to anyone.  Our current insurance policy covers us.  A low-cost rider can be added to cover alcohol issues, but I did not go into the details of further coverage.  Based upon that information and lengthy discussions with Staff, GM, Counsel, and our insurance carrier, I see no reason to curtail the Sunset Social, New Year’s Party, the Staff Christmas Lunch, and other LHCC functions where it’s a BYOB.

RIchard Traczyk, Board President

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