President’s Report, December 2019


Written by Richard Traczyk

On December 9, 2019

Reflections on a busy year in our ever-changing community…

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is a few short weeks away and a new year is approaching. Here at Lake Holiday the leaves are off the trees, the lake is placid and most boats are pulled out for the season. It has been a busy year and a lot has happened in our ever-changing community, and as I sit here reflecting over the past year I realize just how much.

A new Board of Directors was seated and a new recreational park was added. The old office building was removed, a new website was developed and is ongoing, engineering work was started on erosion problems at the beaches, and worn out equipment in the maintenance department and the fitness center is being replaced. Walking trails were installed and the chip-and-tar five-year program ended. There were a number of informative Town Halls including educating the community about new laws out of Richmond and the operation of the Lake Holiday water system by Aqua Virginia.

Others included initiatives presented by the Frederick County School Board, updates on lake and aquatic life, and the yearly open forum with prospective Board members.

It was a productive year for the nine Lake Holiday Volunteer Committees. They all had a major impact on planning and execution of ideas and projects.

For example, the Lake Committee continued with E-coli sampling, lake safety, and fish stocking.

The Safety Committee implemented new ways to slow traffic using stop signs and an active radar program netting over twenty citations a month.

The Activities Committee organized many holiday community events and also arranged for food and coffee trucks to be on site.

Buildings and Grounds opened the new recreational park with bocce ball, horseshoe pits, and disc golf, plus a new boat storage area.

This is just a brief sampling of what was achieved this year by the hard-working committees!

November Board Meeting Notes:

A new work group has been formed to assist TechComm in moving the new Lake Holiday website forward. Pages will be reviewed and visual formatting will be determined and set in place. Changes will be made monthly based upon the work group and TechComm recommendations. The site is presently populated with a great deal of information. The Board recommends everyone in the community become familiar with its content by visiting Bookmark it, add it to your favorites, it should be your go-to source for the latest and greatest information and news and events in and around the community!

The annual potluck staff Christmas luncheon will be December 12th, 2019. The office will close for the day at 1:00 p.m.

This December, the newly elected Board members will go through training from the LH legal advisor on fiduciary responsibilities and will be introduced to a multitude of governing documents including the POA Act, Nonstock Corporation Act, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Common law, and meeting procedures to name a few. You can review many of these yourself by visiting here: Lake Holiday Important Documents.

Town Hall meetings will again be held in the new year. The first planned meeting will be an opportunity to meet the Board of Directors and express opinions and concerns about the community. The date is to be determined.

As 2019 comes to an end, as President of the Lake Holiday Property Owners Association, I want to give special thanks to the community for its support this past year and to the devoted volunteer committees that keep LH running. The new year promises to be one of further improvements in our community. The new Board and I are excited to continue making Lake Holiday a great place to live.

On behalf of the Board and Staff, may everyone at the lake have a healthy and happy holiday season!

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