President’s Report, February 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On February 28, 2018

The results of the community involvement have been outstanding with regards to the proposed Aqua rate increase. We have 355 signed letters ready to mail to the perspective parties and have 576 on-line petitions signed. Along with our political friends and Scott Simko’s tireless efforts, we hope to have a meaningful deterrent to any rate hikes. We could still use more letters from our community. They are available in the office and online. If you have not signed-in, please do so. The cut-off date is March 20th, 2018.

Our General Manager, Mike Goodwin, has contacted Aqua Virginia representatives about their lack of communication with the Lake Holiday community. Lately, with numerous phone calls from Aqua and emails, it would seem their communication level has improved substantially. They have noted poor installation practices when the system was initially installed is causing many of the issues today, such as never installing meters and service lines not deep enough to prevent freezing. I would like to remind everyone to please call Aqua directly every time you have an issue with your water service. The more calls from affected consumers, the greater likelihood of a faster response.

The clubhouse loan has now been officially paid off. The 2018 budget allowed for a continuation of clubhouse debt payments. Subsequently, the Board has voted to apply those payments to the golf course loan as recommended by the Finance Committee. The result is an additional $80,000 in debt reduction in 2018 on that loan.

The guardrails have been installed on South Lakeview Drive on the hill across the dam as recommended by the Buildings & Grounds Committee as we continue to strive for a safer community.

The 2016 Lake Holiday Country Club, Inc. audit has been completed with no abnormalities identified. These audits typically run a year in arrears and take a great deal of time to complete. Lake Holiday Country Club remains in fantastic financial shape. Spending is stable and in line with the budget process.

The Board has approved to continue to evaluate the appropriateness of the sale of a lot cluster on 8A to potentially interested parties. There are potentially 80 lots involved in a specific area. Further discussions will continue to evolve and the community will be kept informed.

The Board also approved the lot transfer process in another section of 8A. This involves willing lot owners the option to swap their lot for another lot of equal value in another section of 6A or 8A . The lots owned by Lake Holiday have been identified and will be offered to the parties involved. We have already converted 94 lots to common area, thereby reducing our tax burden and turning a large portion into green space for future generations.

The Lake Committee plans to restock the lake with Smallmouth Bass and possibly other species. The Board has approved matching funds for this endeavor. The Lake Committee has over $1000 in donations from fundraising activities!

The “4th of July Fireworks Display” (held on the 3rd of July) has been scheduled with a new company. They have given the office several options for a longer display, but obviously at a higher cost. Each year the Board, through the budget process, has approved funding a modest display. The next level up, however, is $2000+ more for several longer display options, but this money has not been budgeted. The Activities Committee will be seeking donations to upgrade to one of those higher tiers. Stay tuned for updates on that undertaking.

There is still much discussion about an informational sign at the entrance to Lake Holiday. Nothing has been decided at this point. Considerations include an electronic type sign or one similar to what was there several year ago. Discussions are ongoing and community members can contact the Board of Directors at to offer us your opinions.

I will host a Town Hall Meeting on March 17th, 10:00 a.m. with other available Board members. Keep that date in mind and come to the open forum at the Clubhouse to meet your Directors, ask questions, and express concerns you may have.

-Richard Traczyk

My e-mail is and

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