President’s Report, January 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On January 28, 2018

As many of you may know, Aqua has petitioned the State Regulatory Board for a considerable rate increase across Virginia. They are also asking for a fire hydrant fee for maintaining systems, and a mystery fee they are calling a “management fee” for certain systems and situations. The increases amount to approximately 5.2% for Lake Holiday customers.

Several Board members and members of the community are working with a number of people and organizations to oppose the increase. We are preparing letters of opposition which our members can sign and submit to the Regulatory Board, Governor Northam, and the Lieutenant Governor. I have contacted Senator Vogel, Delegate Chris Collins for political support, and the County Board of Supervisors, who have already submitted resolutions in opposition.

Members of our Board are gathered information together and held a round table discussion on January 27th at the Clubhouse to explain the entire situation. Letters of opposition were ready for all to sign and forward to the appropriate parties, and if you were unable to attend, you may contact or visit the Administration Office to obtain them. Every letter you send helps, so please help us help ourselves with as many voices as possible!

Heather Johnson has stepped down as LHCC Treasurer as of January 2018 after serving this community in the Treasurer’s role for more than a year. Heather will continue as a Director, but with her personal life becoming more demanding, Heather felt it was in the best interests of the community to step down as Treasurer at this time. The community and Board thank you, Heather, for all your hard work. Jarret Tomalesky has been selected to serve as Treasurer by the Board of Directors and please join us in welcoming him to the new role.

The last few weeks have been a trying experience for many homeowners in our community. Weather-related issues have caused families to be without power and/or water for days. The Administrative Staff and the Board remind our residents that we neither own nor operate the power grid or water system. Therefore, we are not often made fully aware about repair status. If you have an outage you must call the service provider so a work order can be issued and a repair crew dispatched. If Aqua does not notify staff, they have no way of knowing what the situation is or when repairs will be made. We are reaching out to Aqua to be more comprehensive in their reporting to staff, but again, if you have questions, they should be directed to the service provider and not the Administrative Staff.

The TechComm Committee is working on an emergency program, in conjunction with a new website that will alert our community about situations that arise throughout the community including road conditions, community notices from service providers, criminal activity, or any other appropriate community alert.

On Tuesday, January 16th, after working with VDOT for several months, I have been successful in having the yield signs removed across from the Outreach Center on Redland Rd. The way the intersection was configured did not make any safety sense and VDOT, after several studies, agreed. We now have the right of way which should make the intersection much safer. That said, please continue to use caution at that unusual intersection while ours and surrounding communities get used to the existence of the new stop signs.

As your new President, I encourage you to keep in touch with me and the Board of Directors. Your feedback helps us understand your concerns and helps me do a better job representing our community.

My e-mail is and

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