President’s Report, January 2020


Written by Richard Traczyk

On January 16, 2020

New Year’s Resolution: A Busy Agenda of Projects

The year 2019 flew by and closed on a quiet note. Our weather turned cold, boats were pulled out of the water, houses were decorated for the holidays, and many community members have already headed south for the winter.

Our Activities Committee did an outstanding job decorating the Clubhouse in preparation for the holidays and the community Christmas potluck, where Santa and the Grinch made appearances.

The Board and staff held their annual potluck Christmas luncheon, and a good time was enjoyed by all with delicious home-cooked dishes.

The annual New Year’s Eve celebration, headed up by Barbara Magill, was as always a big hit for adult community members. About 15 members of the community formed a decorating crew and did a really nice job setting up beforehand.

Our maintenance team is prepared for wintry inclement weather, but hopefully January will be milder than last year with its major ice storm taking down so many trees and disrupting the community for days.

The Board and LH volunteer committees will begin a new year of projects dealing with the lake, contracts, flooring replacement at the Clubhouse, fitness room enhancements, gardening and beautification of grounds, and working with engineers on the erosion issues at the beaches. The south side emergency exit will be evaluated for upgrade and needs to make it more accessible during winter storms. Master Planning will be looking at a required five-year community survey.

December Board Meeting Notes: The final meeting of the year was relatively quiet as the holiday season put most activities in low gear.

  • Funding has been set aside for replacement of flooring throughout the Clubhouse, however, the Board decided to table this until directors can further assess costs and needs.
  • The Board unanimously supported the Safety Committee’s recommendations to standardize and follow established traffic regulations, authorizing citations for not only speeding, but for ignoring stop signs.
  • The Board heard a presentation by the Security Chair. Darrell Melcher, which included the results of the new speed indicator sign, mainly on West Masters, Colonial, and South Lakeview. The readings were from August to November, and we must keep in mind that going over 31 mph is considered speeding in our community and subject to a citation.
    • 11,926 drivers were clocked going 26-30 mph (within the limit).
    • 2,743 were clocked going 31-35 mph (over speed limit).
    • 466 were clocked going 36-40 mph (over speed limit).
    • 38 were clocked going 41-45 mph (over speed limit).
    • 7 were clocked going 46-50 mph (over speed limit).
    • 2 were clocked going 51-55 mph (dangerously over speed limit).

To put that in perspective, 3,256 citations could have been issued for driving over 31 mph on Lake Holiday roads. Please be mindful when driving and keep our beautiful community safe.

Richard Traczyk, President LHCC

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