President’s Report, July 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On July 27, 2018

By all accounts the 4th of July celebration at Lake Holiday was a great success. Positive comments about the fireworks display resonated throughout the community and from all ages.

The pyrotechnician was new and our first opportunity to see his performance.  I have asked the office to secure the same company again for next year.

The boat parade was another hit with substantial numbers participating this year!  And the winners were…

  • Most Patriotic Decorated Boat:  The Janke Family
  • Most Original Decorated Boat:  For ‘Splish-Splash”, the Cox Family
  • Most Entertaining Board:  With the rowdy pirates, the Traczyk Family.

A big thanks to the Activities Committee and Staff for organizing such a great Independence Day Celebration.  Photographs will follow the President’s Report from the two days of fun-filled activities in and around the Clubhouse and Lake.

Master Planning will begin again to consolidate additional lots in section 8A.  No builders have made a serious attempt to purchase additional lots.  Lake Holiday pays taxes to the County on those lots.  The last consolidation of 92 lots into common area saved Lake Holiday $25,000 yearly in taxes.  The lot swap program went well, but there will be a second attempt to notify lot owners who did not respond to the proposal.  These are properties that will not likely to be developed due to infrastructure cost and topography.  The Board has also decided not to pursue selling several blocks of property in 8A previously designated as future possible development.

Nominations are now being accepted for LH Board of Directors four vacancies. Those interested in becoming a Board member will need to turn in a biography and position statement to the office by September 12th, 2018.  Terms for Board members Jim Coates, Jarret Tomalesky, Heather Johnson, and Richard Traczyk will expire this year opening up four (4) three-year terms.  Additionally, the announcement of the resignation of Scott Simko (effective the day before the Annual Meeting this year), means a fifth vacancy will need to filled for a one-year term.  Check the monthly newsletter for details and requirements.

Scott Simko has served the community brilliantly over the course of the last two years on the Board of Directors.  His enthusiasm and leadership will be missed on the board, but it also provides a new opportunity for another member to step in and carry us forward as well.  Join me in thanking Scott for his service and in wishing him well on his future endeavors.  Scott will remain active in shaping this community’s future on committees, so we will continue to benefit from his expertise and passion.

The Lake Committee and Friends of the Shenandoah continue to test the lake each week.  Results indicate the water is well within the safe zone.  The Board approved funding to increase water sampling of the lake to give more data points, pinpoint problem areas, and recognize abnormalities.  Enjoy the lake!

The first in a series of speeding checks by trained security staff has been completed on several major roads in the community using the new calibrated radar unit.  Readings were taken mostly in the evening around dinner time. The results are available in the office, but the general conclusion is residents are within the acceptable speed limits.  Only one driver exceeded 40 mph.  We will continue to monitor speed as the school year is only a few weeks away.  The Board has decided not to hire off duty Frederick County deputies at this time to patrol our roads, but my re-examine the idea in the future.

Road patching will begin in the next week.  Holes and cracks will be repaired in preparation of Chip-and-Tar Treatment commencing the end of August.  We will broadcast the locations and expected dates as they are established to give people plenty of advanced notice to prepare for the effort.

The annual inspection of the dam has been completed and no issues were noted.

An inspection of mail boxes was conducted by our GM, Mike Goodwin, and found a number of mail box pedestals badly rusted and a number of mailboxes needing paint. Sunset Station and Yielders Station will be first to be taken care of.

Once again Aqua has disappointed many residents this past month.  Aqua is privately-owned and not part of the Association responsibilities or under our control.  The continuing issue with the aging water/sewer system is one reason I no longer support more growth in our community.  The road system, water main breaks, and possible sewerage leaks entering the lake are all the more reason to turn as much area as we can into common areas.

An issue about golf carts was brought before the Board at the July meeting.  After much discussion and numerous options provided by the Safety Committee and community members, the Board has decided to not pursue County Board approval. This decision to not seek approval means the Frederick County law will remain in place that golf carts are not permitted on Lake Holiday roads as per the Virginia Traffic Code.

Haines Security contract will be up for renewal the end of year.  The Board has initially recommended reducing the roving patrol by 50 percent. The GM will prepare a request for a bid (RFB) to be send out to security vendors in September.  Other considerations were to keep the gate service the same, keep the lake patrol, and eliminate the walking patrol now that the security camera system is adequate.  The contract is currently in excess of $275,000 a year.

The Board has approved several changes to the Bylaws to be considered and voted on by the membership at the next annual meeting.  One change considered would be to eliminate the two witness signatures on an absentee ballot (an oversight last year when two signatures were eliminated elsewhere), and one to impose a spending threshold for the Board of Directors on a capital projects to a percentage of the budget, over which would require community approval.  This is another level of checks and balances on the Board of Directors that imposes appropriate financial safeguards for the community without unduly restricting the ability of the Board of Directors to conduct regular business activities.  These checks are in place for the infrequent occurrence of expenditures that are of substantial significance in relation to the overall budget.  There are other recommended changes that will be published prior to the October membership meeting.

Scroll on for photographs from the Independence Day activities…

Richard Traczyk
President LHCC

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