President’s Report, June 2018


Written by Board President

On June 27, 2018

The Maintenance Department did an outstanding job dealing with the aftermath of the storms this past month.  Sand was recovered from the lake shoreline at both Beach I and Beach II, restoring them to pre-storm condition with no extra cost.

GM Mike Goodwin and Maintenance cleared Yeiders Bridge of debris in a short period of time and opened it up to traffic while repair plans were put in place.  Repairs are now complete and with the new design and the cement structure should withstand any extreme rain event with little or no deterioration.  The cost of the repairs was $28,445, completed by Pine Knoll Construction Co.  The original design had gravel under the top slab and a gravel shoulder so a significantly improved design was implemented with this repair.

Road maintenance, using the tar-and-chip process, will begin in late August or early September on a number of roads in the community.  Although an unpleasant event, particularly for dog walkers, it is necessary to keep the integrity of the road system. VDOT specifications call for far less tar and gravel used in the past, allowing it to settle faster.  A list of the affected roads and timing will be published very shortly.

Several temporary maintenance workers have been hired, keeping the grass cutting and trimming under control for the summer months.

The question about the legality of driving golf carts on our community roads was presented to Supervisor Doug McCarthy and County Attorney, Rod Williams.  It is the County’s position that the carts are not permitted on our roads without petitioning the county for and gaining approval of an ordinance permitting the use of golf carts within the community.  At the June meeting, the Board voted to pursue an ordinance change to permit golf carts on our road system.  A team has been formed to write a petition to seek approval for an ordinance to present to the Frederick County Board of Supervisors in the upcoming months.

The Lake at Lake Holiday Country Club is open and operational once again!  Recorded bacterial readings were extremely high due to the storm water run-off entering from surrounding agricultural and other sources during the last severe weather event.  The Lake Committee and Friends of the Shenandoah did an excellent job constantly monitoring the situation.  Currently, the readings fallen back to normal and well below the threshold of the State Health Department, which is excellent news.  It may be weeks before the water clarity returns to what we’re used to, but it is now safe to enjoy the lake.  Water quality will be routinely monitored during the summer to insure the safety of our community.

Save the date!  July 28th, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. I will host another Town Hall at the Lake Holiday Clubhouse.  Two committees will present information related to our community.  The Lake Committee will conduct the remaining half of their program that was cut short by time restraints at the last Town Hall. The Safety Committee will be presenting ‘Firewise’ – a program that deals with forest fire prevention here in our wooded community.  Other items of interest to be discussed will be vehicle speeding, golf carts, and general community safety.  Mark your calendar and plan to attend.

The sign at the front gate is up and operational.  A few more letters need to be purchased and low-level lighting will be installed.  The sign will be painted next spring allowing time for the pressure-treated wood to dry.

Haines Security training on the new radar gun will be completed this week.  Analysis work will determine what areas in the community is speeding most prevalent.  Using that data, the Safety Committee will determine a reasonable path forward.

The Lake Committee has installed new signs at the Marina and the dam detailing fishing information and creel limits.  They have initiated a catch-and-release program for the more popular game fish to keep the stock healthy.  The Committee is planning a restocking program this season.

At the June Board meeting a new Donation Committee was approved.  Community members will be allowed to donate private funds for a particular project not in the LHCC budget for a particular year.  More information will follow as the program is developed.

The Board also approved the purchase of new audio-visual equipment.  The present equipment used in the clubhouse is old and outdated, in constant need of repair, and not user-friendly.

And finally, the Board made several major financial decisions to move funds to more beneficial account and will obtain better interest rates CDARs maturing in the very near future.  QuickBooks accounts will be updated, all leading to  the continued strengthening of Lake Holiday’s financial condition.

Richard Traczyk, President

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