President’s Report, March 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On March 28, 2018

Several notifications have been sent out via e-mail and the U.S. Post Office regarding the new mailing address for the Lake Holiday Administrative Office. With the house on Redland Road no longer in use, the Board felt it necessary to have the mailing address changed to its current location at 1045 Lakeview Drive.

Also included is a change of the Administrative Office phone number. We have struggled for some time with the telephone provider to straighten out the billing. We were charged long distance rates for all incoming calls in excess of $600 per month. We now have a local number which eliminates those excessive charges. The new Administrative Office phone number is 540-931-0951.

This represents the constant efforts of both the Board and staff to carefully examine all of our operational expenses including our contracts, routine invoices, and other projects. We are making significant progress in reducing operating costs which will ultimately be reflected in our assessment payments while at the same time streamlining and improving the operations of the community.

Director Scott Simko, General Manager Mike Goodwin, and I attended a meeting with Frederick County officials in preparation for planned projects including the Community Hub and Beach II. It was an informative meeting with the County Administrator and Office of Planning and Zoning. We were able to review all the projects being considered by the LH Master Planning Committee over the next ten years. We discovered that the County had little in the way of requirements or restrictions for such things as Beach II expansion with parking, camping, and a pavilion. Permits will be required in some cases. Our concern was possible engineering costs related to the master plan on file with the County which date back to The Summit in the 1970s. Some engineering and minimal requirements will be needed for a proposed sports field. The next step will be acquiring cost estimates and budget planning to bring the projects to fruition over time.

The Saturday Town Hall was well-attended. The community had an opportunity to talk to the Board of Directors about matters of concern. Placement of yard signs, development, builder trash and clean-up, dirt bike tracks, the old office building, and liability and insurance issues were just a few issues discussed.

It has been brought to my attention that the monthly newsletter has been unavailable to a segment in our community since the office stopped mailing the hard copy in order to reduce operating costs. All Board and meeting information is available online, however, since some in our community do not have access to a computer, they were not kept informed. The Board has voted to mail a hard copy to those residents who request them. Please keep in mind, this service is an option for those with a need and no other means of obtaining the information, such as our Association website or simply dropping by the office to pick up a hard copy in your travels. Please notify the office if you wish to be placed on the mailing list.

The Board, based upon input from the community and the Building and Grounds Committee, has approved a wooden, non-electric, informational sign for the front gate. Construction will commence as the weather warms up.

Several community members have asked for an update on the lake. I have asked the Lake Committee to put together an informational forum sometime in May to review the status of the lake, plans, and the impact to our community in the years to come.

Work will begin on the Community Hub which is to be located at the site of the old golf clubhouse on Country Club Road. Several small projects will start this spring, including horseshoe pits and a bocce ball court. The Building and Grounds Committee is working on positioning and build-out of that area.

The Board once again addressed the use of the Community Center at the March board meeting. It was decided that it remains in the best interest of the community, both financially and in terms usefulness, to keep the Administrative Office and General Manager’s Office in the current location for the foreseeable future. Discussion will continue on how to better utilize the existing space to maximize access for all activities in which our community engages.

The Safety Committee has been working on a resolution to address the speeding issues in our community. Posted speed limit signs, speed bumps, and citations are all under consideration. For various reasons, none of the suggestions have been endorsed by the Board at this time. We are also regulated by the Virginia State Attorney General’s Office as to what can and cannot be done regarding enforcement on private roads within HOAs.

Mike Goodwin has successfully completed his first year as Lake Holiday’s General Manager. The Board of Directors has reviewed his performance and has renewed his contract for another year. He was also awarded pay increase.

The Snack Shop contract has been renewed for another beach season. It will open on May 19th.

-Richard Traczyk

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