President’s Report, March 2019


Written by Richard Traczyk

On March 2, 2019

Winter weather brought anguish and frustration to many at Lake Holiday. Freezing rain several weekends in a row caused power outages, hazardous road conditions, burst water pipes, and falling trees. The LHCC maintenance team once again stepped up by keeping the chainsaws running, roads cleared, and working endless hours to keep us safe. Hopefully the winter snows are near an end and warmer weather will soon be upon us.
Property owners are asked to notify the office if they see broken trees in a precarious position over roadways or power lines.

The General Manager, along with tree removal experts, will determine the best path forward. Trees that are on private property are the property owner’s responsibility. Trees that are on common areas are the HOA’s responsibility and will be removed or trimmed. Maintenance will continue to cut and remove brush that may have accumulated in the culverts, clearing a way for the spring rains.

To alleviate dealing with mud and stuck vehicles, the Maintenance Department will soon begin to spread crushed stone in the drive paths of the boat storage area near the old office building. The higher ground of the Bounds property will also be used for boat storage.

The Board held a Town Hall meeting Saturday, February 23, 2019. More than 50 residents attended. An overview of projects proposed for The Hub activity center on Country Club Drive and Beaches I, II and III was presented in a slide show by John Martel and narrated by Alex Perka. Residents were also given an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns.

Save the date: Saturday, March 23, 2019 for the second Town Hall. The topics will be firmed up next week. Steve Fender, owner of Fenders Fish Hatchery that restocked the lake of 800 fish, will potentially be the first planned presenter. This will be of particular interest to the fishermen. Princeton Hydro, the primary advisor of lake water issues, will also be giving an explanation about the health of the lake and outlining present and future issues and solutions.

The Board is lining up exciting and informative points of interest for future Town Hall meetings. Possible topics may include:

  • AQUA management presenting a program with a discussion related to the challenges of water/sewer here at Lake Holiday.
  • Disc Golf will be demonstrated with rules and procedures that apply to the new course at The Hub.
  • Bocce Ball and Horseshoe rules will be explained. (The Activity Committee has already expressed interest in sponsoring tournaments.)

Notes from the February Board Meeting:  Jarret Tomalesky, Treasurer, presented three resolutions that have not been in use for a number of years. The outdated resolutions were rescinded and removed from the books.  Also:

  • Princeton Hydro was unanimously approved to continue sampling and overseeing water quality of the lake.
  • Decker&Company was Board approved to be the external auditor and tax preparation company for LH.
  • The school bus stop area was reviewed and it was decided to keep the current traffic flow configuration the way it is. The road surface will be treated this summer and restriped.
  • As required on an annual basis, the compensation package for the LH General Manager was reviewed. The Board a salary increase and a one-time bonus.

Richard Traczyk – President LHCC

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