President’s Report, May 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On May 28, 2018

REMINDER: Our new Administration Office Phone Number is 540-931-0951. Our new Administration Office mailing address is 1045 Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, Virginia 22625.

The informational sign for the front gate has been installed. The faceplate with letters and lighting will be completed in the next week or two. Painting will be later in the season to allow the pressure treated wood to weather. The design is a product of Richard Schoppet and the Building and Grounds Committee. The Board thanks them for their contribution.

The radar gun has arrived and Haines Security Team is being trained on its operation. It is self-calibrating and, per our PRP, will be sent out to check calibration periodically. The intent is to make the more aggressive drivers aware of potential safety issues on our narrow winding road system. Compliance will deal with offenders appropriately. The Safety Committee is also looking at other options for speed control.

Beach I and Beach II have been re-sanded. The cost for the yearly maintenance is approximately $14,000. Staff is looking into perhaps building a retaining wall to divert the rain water, thereby keeping the sand in place rather than eroding yearly into the lake.

Several of our maintenance employees have moved on. If any college or senior high school students are looking for a temporary job to help with summer work here at Lake Holiday, they should contact the office, Jill Whitacre, or Mike Goodwin, our GM. The minimum age requirement for employment is 18 years old.

Summer is here and we are starting to have more issues with compliance requirements. Parking trailers and boats in common areas will result in possible fines. If anyone has a specific issue, call the office. Trash violations are likely to creep upwards as people return for the summer. Everything that goes on at the trash compactor is recorded on camera. Dumping furniture, bikes, and old equipment of any kind only puts a strain on our maintenance team to clean it up. The Board requests everyone to be mindful of the community rules regarding waste disposal. There is a clear sign at the disposal site defining acceptable waste and that which is not acceptable and must be taken to one of the appropriate County facilities.

New window shades have been installed in the clubhouse main room. Some hardware used to tighten up the top and enable the window cover to be raised and lowered is on backorder. It may be another week or two to complete the installation.

A number of residents have asked for amenities for our community which are not funded in the budget process. A work group is being formed to look at possibly personally financing special projects. The idea is for those who may be interested in a handball court, a skateboard park, even a pool, to personally finance and maintain the project through member donations. The program is working its way through the Board, who are looking at details and potential ramifications in order to make a determination about how to proceed, if at all.

By way of examples, the Lake Committee has received personal donor contributions of $1000 to restock fish in the lake. The Activities Committee has received $1000 in personal donor contributions to increase the 4th of July fireworks display time. If you are interested in joining this new group, contact Board member Scott Simko or resident Terry Hardgrave.

Listening to community members and reading social media, it would indicate everyone is not getting or reading the newsletter. Many of the questions received are already covered in the monthly online report. If you know of anyone that may have changed email addresses, have them contact the office with the update so all can receive the latest information about our community. Hard copies are also available in the office or can be mailed by special request.

An informational Town Hall meeting is planned for Saturday, July 28, when the Safety Committee will present a program on fire safety in our community and vehicle speed control. The Lake Committee will also give a presentation. (Their program at the May 19th Town Hall was cut short due to time constraints.)

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