President’s Report, May 2021


Written by Board President

On May 25, 2021

With summer arriving in three weeks, I know we are all looking forward to being outdoors as much as possible and hopefully returning to some of the activities that will give us back a sense of normalcy.

The Dog Park on Country Club Drive has opened. Some community members have asked that water bowls be placed in the Park. Dog owners should bring their own water and bowl for their pet. There is no water supply at the park to fill, rinse, and sanitize communal dog bowls.

Board members approved the proposal to have the Munchie Duck Café owner clean the adjacent lower-level rest rooms daily. They will be unlocked Memorial Day weekend through October 1, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The new speed camera has been temporarily positioned on West Masters taking pictures of license plates of vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit. Citations are being issued. Clearly speeding remains an issue in Lake Holiday as speeds of 40 to 50 mph seem to be commonplace. The use of this type of speed detection is legal in accordance with PRP 5 regarding protecting LH common areas and roadways. The use of the camera has been reviewed by LH legal advisors and they consider it is an acceptable practice for a private subdivision. Signs have been ordered and will be posted advising residents a speed camera is in use. Visitors will also be notified about the camera when entering at the gatehouse. The Frederick County Sheriff’s Department also continues to patrol the LH roadways and common areas and is issuing citations.

The Board has purchased a well-maintained dependable used pontoon boat to supplement the current patrol/work boat. The current patrol boat needed to be replaced with a reliable boat and motor for weekly lake water testing, patrolling, and guiding visitors. The old boat will be kept for service work such as maintaining the buoys, dropping weights, repairing the docks, and servicing the lake as issues arise. (The current work boat needs repair work and was on the replacement reserve list last year. The motor is on the list for replacement next year.)

Starting at Country Club Park, a new section of walking trail has been completed near the horseshoe pits.

The Board and Staff are receiving complaints about excessive noise from Beach II after hours. Groups of noncampers are assembling and playing loud music and partying until late into the night at the camping area. This seems to be an ongoing problem as the beach develops and new homes are built in that area. The county has a noise ordinance for R5 residential areas, which LH is considered. Quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. If residents have noise complaints beyond those times, they should call the Sheriff’s Department. Fines may be as high as $1,000 for violations. (See the County Noise Ordinance on county website)

Community volunteers have begun weekly sampling of lake water. As in the past, any high readings for E. coli that might be a danger for water activities will be posted on the LH community website. If anyone knows of individuals who do not currently receive official Lake Holiday newsletters and notices they should notify the office to be added to the email distribution list to receive important announcements.

Dead fish of various species have been spotted throughout the lake. Weekly water sampling and testing has not shown any irregularities with water quality. The Lake Committee is aware of the issue and is investigating with Virginia Wildlife Resources and Princeton Hydro, our lake water experts. They have determined stress related to spawning and fluctuating water temperatures are the primary cause of the die-off. They stated it is not an unusual event and should subside in about ten days when the spawning cycle concludes.

The Finance Committee has begun the budget process. All LH committee’s budget items are due by the end of June in order to be evaluated and to set the budget number for 2022. Several LH service contracts will expire at year’s end. In accordance with LH by-laws, bid packages will be prepared and sent to service providers who will have an opportunity to present their pricing. After all submissions are reviewed, a budget will be prepared and presented to the Board in August. The budget request will contain assessment numbers, proposed project costs, operating costs, reserve requirements, other expenditures, and revenue streams. The Board will then evaluate the proposed budget and approve or adjust as necessary.

The Board purchased new audio-visual equipment that will allow members of the community to watch Board meetings and committee meetings on their laptop, tablet or phone. On a trial basis, the past two meeting have been successfully transmitted and viewed by a few selected community members to critique the process. The TechComm Committee is asking for community volunteers to be trained to operate the equipment. Anyone interested in volunteering their time on a rotating schedule should email Director Elizabeth Hair at

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