President’s Report, November 2017


Written by Board President

On November 13, 2017

The full version of my President’s Report with summaries is available on the Association’s website, but in my final President’s Report, I offer you the simplified list of important tasks the 2016-2017 Board of Directors accomplished during the year.

1. Approved a balanced budget for 2018 with no increase in assessments for single family homes and a minimal increase for lot assessments.

2. New Inundation Study with results leading to modification of insurance premiums for downstream properties. This saved association approximately $17,500 per year in expenses.

3. Accomplished settlement of wrongful death lawsuit against LHCC.

4. The administrative staff were moved out of the old office in the farmhouse on Redland Road in January 2017.

5. Approved and implemented relocation of Lake Holiday Administrative Office to the clubhouse.

6. Promoted Mike Goodwin to General Manager.

7. Approved the first 10-year comprehensive Master Plan.

8. Approved concept of turning far west lots in 8A into common area.

9. Approved and implemented proposal for paving Sleigh and S Lakeview out of General Fund. This project was completed in September 2017. Now all roads in the community that have houses on them are paved.

10. Lake Projects: In November 2016 approved putting $30,000 in the 2017 budget for lake management and water quality testing. Investigated and gathered expert advice on best management practices for lake restoration, and approved and implemented studies to provide data for short and long term lake restoration and management strategies.

a. Approved and implemented an in-lake study of sediment core sampling in the center line of the lake to determine the amount of phosphorus accumulating in the sediment at the bottom of the lake bed. The proposal also included developing a lake-wide alum treatment plan and cost estimate(s). Approved use of carry over funds from previous year in the operating budget to cover the expense for all required studies.

b. Approved and implemented a bathymetry study which provides data required for scientific calculations for lake restoration projects.

c. Approved and implemented a study to estimate annual and seasonal streamflow and loading of nutrients and sediment into to the lake which was performed at no cost to the Association by one of our residents, Jim Pagenkopf of TetraTech and his engineer.

d. Approved and implemented the contract for a comprehensive lake and tributary nutrient/water quality sampling study, measure streamflow velocities and volumes in major inlets under normal and storm events and prepare a phosphorus mass balance model to determine the relative contribution of both external (stream flow and runoff) and internal (lake bottom sediments) sources to the water column phosphorus levels by season and month.

e. Approved and implemented a hydrologic and feasibility study for Best Management Practices for preventing sediment and pollutants from entering the lake from the main tributaries, Isaacs and Yeiders.

f. Educated community members about lake pollutants and lake health by hosting lake specialists at meetings, posting educational material on website and newsletters and holding a Town Hall for members.

g. Approved placing lake restoration and management projects for the first time in Replacement Reserve.

h. Implemented a bow fishing program with outside experts to help eliminate excess sterile grass carp and begin the process of re-introducing healthy aquatic vegetation into the coves of the lake.

i. Attempted to implement a low phosphorus bulk fertilizer program for the community.

11. Improved communications with members and between directors and committees.

a. Implemented Round Tables for the membership.

b. Implemented email blasts to membership by Board Officers to promote information dissemination.

c. Reinstituted President Reports and Board Highlights published in newsletters and on website.

d. Fleshed out board meeting minutes to provide more details of discussions at board meetings.

e. Implemented Office 365 email and document sharing system for office staff, board directors and committees.

12. Implemented additional parking space by the marina for vehicles that trailer boats.

13. Approved adding a “no plowing” rule to the Lake Rules to help minimize wake that causes erosion and leads to unsafe boating.

14. Created task order system for maintenance and office staff to track operations and ongoing projects.

15. Reinstituted several committees disbanded or removed by 2016 Board. Revised all committee charters. Revised the entire policy, rules, and procedures for how committees operate.

16. Entirely rewrote the Complaint Policy and process.

17. Revised Retention of Records policy and approved and implemented proposal for digitizing 90 boxes of old membership, office, and board files that had been accumulating over the years. This will be completed by December 2017.

18. Implemented new PBX VOIP phone system and phones thus decreasing overall cost of association phone service.

19. Modernized and thus decreased cost of dam monitoring system from an antenna oriented system to cell service.

20. Revised Parking Rules to strengthen policy for towing trucks, trailers and boats illegally parked in common areas.

21. Approved implementing new architectural guidelines for new construction and additions to existing construction that minimizes destruction of trees and requires tree replacement and foundation plantings.

22. Revised, updated, rewrote or omitted various policies, rules and procedures and made future reformatting of documents easier.

23. Studied existing Association Bylaws, reviewed them with the association attorney and wrote proposed modifications to them to be voted on at the annual meeting by the membership.

24. Approved and implemented Building & Grounds proposal for adding a new playground to Beach II out of general fund.

25. Approved new front gate sign, benches at dam, created hiking/biking trails on golf course property, utilized already existing floating platforms as new docking facility at beach III, moved AED to accessible outdoor location, approved signs for hiking trails on south side of lake and directional signs to Beach III.

While this list is substantial, it is not all-inclusive. The Board of Directors is grateful for the support and input from the community, the volunteers, the committees, and all who contributed to the many successes and steps forward for all of Lake Holiday Country Club. Thank you!

(Submitted by by Dr. Pat Majewski)

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