President’s Report, November 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On November 28, 2018

November 2018 brought the first snowfall to Lake Holiday. By all accounts the Maintenance team did an outstanding job keeping the roads clear and safe. This winter, Staff will send out notifications when the back gate will be open if roads are problematic, so stay connected to the community website. Please inform any new neighbors to give their email address to the office in order to receive LHCC web blasts and to be kept informed during inclement weather.

Also, please remind family members that the hill behind the dam is NOT a place to go sledding or skiing. There are numerous expensive sensors protruding from the ground and although tempting, it is dangerous and illegal to use that area for recreational activities.

A security company for LHCC has been selected for 2019. Several companies had submitted their bids and were fully vetted by the Security Committee and the Board of Directors. It was decided to remain with Haines Security, which has been armed since 2011. The Board approved a three-year contract.

As mentioned in previous newsletters, efforts to slow down speeding has started in the main target areas of West Masters and Lake Holiday roads. Local law enforcement and Haines have been active with radar and issuing citations and tickets throughout the community.

The next phase of guard rail installations will begin soon. The first section will be installed at the intersection where Lake Holiday Road, Lakeview Drive, and South Lakeview Drive converge. A second section will be installed in the 1100 block of Lakeview, approx. 270 feet long. That will end the guard rail program for this year and next.

Frisbee golf will be ready for play in the spring. The equipment has been purchased and is ready to install. The Bocce Ball court has been completed at the Hub along with the horseshoe pits and a picnic table. Trail signs have been installed at various locations in the wooded areas.

Master Planning will be looking at several engineering firm’s proposals related to projects at Beach I, Beach II, and the Hub. Once the bid process is complete, Building & Grounds will work to establish pricing and feasibility based on the engineering plan. Their recommendations will come back to Master Planning, Finance, and the Directors.

The November Board meeting was devoted mainly to a review and update of the Employee Personnel Manual. It spells out roles and responsibilities and benefit packages offered to our employees. New revisions are expected complete by the first of the year.

Note: The Board of Director’s meetings have a new start time. All Board meetings will start at 6:30 p.m. (no longer 7:00 p..m), and hopefully held to a two-hour limit. The change was made to better accommodate those Board members who are still employed. The December Board meeting has been moved to December 18th because of the upcoming holiday.
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