President’s Report, November 2019


Written by Richard Traczyk

On November 1, 2019

Indian summer, with warm days, cool nights, and colorful foliage has arrived at Lake Holiday, and the annual Fall membership meeting was held October 26 in the Clubhouse. 

Election results for the five vacant seats on the Board of Directors were announced, and congratulations go to the newly elected Directors:

  • Jon Reedy (200 votes , three-year term )
  • Pat Majewski (163 votes, three-year term)
  • Elizabeth Hair (144 votes , three-year term )
  • Robert Middleton (140 votes, three-year term)
  • Robert Adams II (138 votes, one-year term)
Left to right: Pat Majewski, Elizabeth Hair, Robert Adams III, Jon Reedy, Robert Middleton

Thank you to all candidates who volunteered to run for the Board, in addition to the above: John Stover, Richard Church, Juan Hernandez, Paul Battista, and Alexander Manzo. And thank you to the outgoing Board members – Keri Mounts, Anthony Morelli, John Stover, and Paul Battista – for your service to the community.

Minutes from the 2018 meeting were approved and the treasurer’s report was given, indicating the community is financially sound.  (Of note, our operating expenses were under budget every month this past year!)  A slide show designed by John Martel was presented, reviewing Board accomplishments over the past year and recognizing staff and all volunteers on LH committees.

On October 29, a special organizational meeting was held to elect Board Officers. It was unanimously decided that Richard Traczyk will remain President, Ed Noble will remain Vice President, and Peggy McClurken and Jarret Tomalesky will remain Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

Property owner assessments will rise slightly next year. Although the numbers fluctuate somewhat, they have remained relatively consistent for several years. The increase is due to increases in monthly expenditures, especially substantial county trash tipping fees.

As mentioned at the annual meeting, LH is beginning to use replacement reserve funds for new maintenance equipment, tables for the Clubhouse, and new exercise equipment for the workout room.

The Board approved the ten-year Master Plan at the regular October Board meeting, giving the community and new Board members a sense of direction as to how and where the community will progress.  The document will change and be adjusted with time but is a good foundation upon which to plan for Lake Holiday’s future.

There has been ongoing discussion about trash expenses being shared by lot owners.  Although currently only homeowners pay for trash removal, it was noted that lot owners also contribute to trash receptacles at the beaches and common areas. A small increase in lot owner assessments to contribute toward trash fees was considered and initially passed during the budget process.  However, after a long discussion at a subsequent Board meeting, it was decided to rescind that motion to include lot owners in the 2020 assessments.  Further discussion will be forthcoming for the 2021 budget cycle and vetted fully by the Finance Committee.

The docking system at the marina continues to be an issue, coming loose under high winds.  The cost to repair and secure the two docks was several thousand dollars per incident. Our General Manager, Mike Goodwin, has suggested a possible reconfiguration of the docks, thereby decreasing the wind pressure placed on the dock joints and anchoring poles.  The design is being reviewed by the Lake Committee and pricing is being obtained.

The new boat and camper storage area is now complete.  The additional 93 spaces along Redland Road should satisfy the needs of the community with a total of 212 storage spaces.

As the year winds down, LH now has 954 homes in our community, an increase of 18 in 2019. There are 256 utility lots and 658 non-utility lots for a total of 1868 homes and lots. 

And finally, as current President of the Lake Holiday Board, I want to thank the Board Officers and Directors for their continuing support and contributions to our beautiful community. Thank you also to all the volunteers on the committees that play such an integral part in keeping this community organized and running at such a high level. Having the honor of being re-elected your Board President for 2020, I will work hard to continue to move Lake Holiday forward in a positive direction.

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