President’s Report, October 2018


Written by Richard Traczyk

On October 31, 2018

Summer has quickly passed and Fall is upon us.  The lake is quiet, the buoys have been removed, and boats are being pulled, winterized, and put away for the winter.

The annual Community Meeting and Election of Directors was held October 27th.  Approximately 100 LH members attended with 214 members voting in person or absentee.

Five candidates were elected to the Board.  They are: Richard Traczyk, Jarret Tomalesky, Betka Hardgrave, Dr. James Coates, and Robert Middleton.  All the bylaw propositions passed.  The hour-long meeting consisted of Board Member introductions, Secretary Anthony Morelli’s review of last year’s meeting minutes, and Treasurer Jarret Tomalesky’s report.  A review of 2018 Board accomplishments was given, as well as recognition of all Lake Holiday committees and volunteers that make them possible.

A question-and-answer segment at the end of the program dealt with various issues such as the deer population, bag worm infestation, what is planned long and short term for the lake, and LH security contractor and whether guards should be armed or unarmed.  (A straw poll taken indicated half the attendees were in favor and half were against arming the security people.)

Election of Board Officers for 2019 took place at the Board of Directors Organizational Meeting.  The new Board officers are President – Richard Traczyk ,Vice President – Ed Noble, Secretary – Peggy McClurken, and Treasurer Jarret Tomalesky.
At the organizational meeting the Board has decided to change the starting time of the Regular Board meetings to 6:30 p.m. This is a change from the usual 7:00 p.m. start time of the past.  The 4th Tuesday day selection remained the same.

Speeding is still an issue in the community.  Haines Security has been active with a radar gun, issuing citations for exceeding the posted limit and/or failing to stop at stop signs.  Local law enforcement has also been on site issuing tickets.  Please adhere to the speed limit of 25mph on the roadways.


  • The Board approved sections of Phase II for guard rail installation.  Work will begin late Fall.
  • Viola Engineering has been awarded the contract for the yearly dam inspection and any engineering assistance that may be needed.
  • The disc golf program was approved.  Equipment has been purchased and the site location has been finalized.
  • Princeton Hydro has been approved as our lake advisors.  Plans for all aspects of lake preservation will be addressed, short- and long-term.

The Board has reaffirmed PRP5 as being the guide for parking outside the gate whether waiting to do personal business or waiting for food delivery.  Rules state blocking the roadway is not permitted.  Admittedly, members of the community have waited in that area for food deliveries or for personal reasons for some time.  Property owners can allow gate entry using established gate rules.  Citations can be issued for violators parking outside the gate house.  The Board will hold further discussion as to other options.

The next issue discussed was the practice by some drivers of holding up the bar code sticker that raises the entrance gate rather than affixing it to their vehicle.  The PRP5 states the decal must be affixed which lends itself to interpretation.  The Board has given instructions to security, if the decal matches the car of record in the office, no citations will be issued.

Due to its complexity, a new security contract is still under discussion and will require a special meeting sometime early November to select a security company.  Due to its lengthy content, discussion dealing with the Employee Handbook was also postponed to be reviewed at a later date.

The Board approved restocking the lake with 800 Bass and 300 Walleye fish.  Private donations and budget allocations provided funding.  The tentative date for fish delivery is early November.

It has been an honor to serve as your association President this past year and being reappointed to a second term as your President this coming year.  I want to thank the LHCC community for its support and especially thank all the committee volunteers for their hard work supplying the Board with recommendations and helpful advice about the many facets that involve our community . It was an interesting and productive year.

Thank you also to the very competent Office Staff, GM Mike Goodwin, and Lake Holiday Maintenance Crew that lead our community in a positive direction over the past year.

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~Richard Traczyk

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