President’s Report, September 2020


Written by Board President

On October 1, 2020

President’s Report

September 2020

Haines Security’s lake patrol has ended for the summer season.  The pontoon boat will remain at the dock until Maintenance pulls the buoys.  Lake water sampling will also end the last week of September.

The Snack Shack is closed for the season.  The restrooms on the lower level will remain open until the end of September and cleaned regularly following mandated guidelines.  After September, the bathrooms will be closed except during any special outdoor community activities sponsored by the Activities Committee.

The dog park fencing is complete.  Maintenance will seed the area and install benches.  Opening day is yet to be determined.

 An auto accident occurred on the south side of the dam.  A high school student lost control of his speeding car and crashed head-on into a LH maintenance dump truck.  No one was injured in the incident. The truck frame was bent and will need major frontend work.  The car was totaled.  All covered by insurance.

Wizer Productions has been hired to professionally live-stream the Candidates Forum on Saturday Sept. 26th, 10am from the Clubhouse.  The forum is an opportunity for community members to meet the candidates, hear their views, submit questions, and listen to their responses.  Wizer will charge $1500 for the service.  They will stream to Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom.  Quality cameras and sound system will be used.  The audience using Zoom will be able to ask questions also.  The Board will consider to possibly use the service for future meetings and Town Halls.

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