President’s Report


Written by Richard Traczyk

On March 23, 2021

March 2021

Most of us are looking forward to spring as we come off a year that challenged us professionally and personally. And now there is a lot to look forward to here at Lake Holiday in the coming months.

Winter storms are now behind us. This past season our staff
received numerous calls about snow removal procedures and
road conditions. With five trucks available to plow the 18 miles of LH roadways, there was
enough equipment and manpower to handle normal snow events. We also had several outside contractors available if needed. Chemical use was limited to calcium chloride (salt) and crushed rock for ice conditions. (A total of 9,600 pounds of calcium chloride and 90 tons of crushed rock were used this season.)
LH roads are not state standard. The big plows have snowshoes attached to the blade to keep it off the roadbed, sometimes leaving an inch of snow that could become packed and slippery.
High winds blew snow and covered some roads shortly after plowing. Each snowstorm had a different characteristic which resulted in different results, but the Maintenance team worked virtually around the clock to keep us safe. In our rural area, four-wheel drive vehicles or the use of tire chains were necessary from time to time when leaving the community.

Reseeding the Dog Park and the installation of the dog exercise equipment, signs, and benches are now underway. Weather conditions will determine the opening. Mid-April to the end of April is the target range.

The flooring in the Fitness Center has been installed as well as the updated H/V system. The walls have been repainted and lighting repaired. With a planned reopening on April 1, Director Coates drafted a set of rules, supported by the Board, to be posted on the door of the Center.

Last year’s Nominating Committee members have volunteered to help again this year. Director Hardgrave will take the lead and will announce the committee members for Board approval at the April Board meeting. There are five Board positions to fill in October. Terms will end for Betka Hardgrave, Jarret Tomalesky, James Coates, Richard Traczyk, and Robert Middleton.

Teen resident, Chloe Langston completed her Eagle Scout project: Lake Holiday Free Little Libraries. The library boxes are installed at each mail station with the premise to leave, take, or exchange a book to read.
Chloe’s brother, Lewis, built dog exercise equipment for the small dog area at the Dog Park as his Eagle Scout project.

During last year’s budget process, the Finance Committee set aside a small amount of money to employ local law enforcement to spend time devoted to Lake Holiday. With vandalism, speeding, and other unlawful and troublesome actions by some community members, many residents during a Town Hall meeting expressed concern about their safety. The Board approved a program proposed by the Safety Committee for the Sheriff’s Department to patrol the community on a regular basis during the spring, summer, and fall. Haines Security, the Lake Holiday security company, has limited legal powers to stop, detain, or issue summons.

Virginia Governor Northam has revised the number restriction for indoor and outside gatherings. The LH Clubhouse may now have 50 people inside at one time.

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