President’s Update Nov 2021


Written by Board Secretary

On November 23, 2021

We are heading into the holiday season and even though the pandemic is still with us, we have much to be thankful for. At this time last year, our hope was that life would have returned to some sense of normalcy by now. That is beginning to happen at Lake Holiday. During a year of increased isolation we have all discovered how important family and true friends are and we need to cherish those relationships. Activities have picked up at Lake Holiday the last few months, many which have been organized by volunteers in this community. They have devoted a lot of time and energy to bringing joy into our lives during difficult times. I want to thank all those volunteers for their passion and commitment to Lake Holiday.

Getting involved as a volunteer by joining committees of the Board is a way to foster new relationships within the community and hopefully make new friends. There are committees at Lake Holiday that cover a wide range of interests. You may find great satisfaction in giving your time and unique ideas to improve the place you live.

I want to thank the Board of Directors for their confidence in my leadership. My personal goal is to listen to the needs of all members and take action by ensuring that the Board as a whole discusses them and reaches decisions that promote common sense policies for the community.

We have five new Board members this year, only one of which has had experience on the Board before. I am excited to see what kind of energy and ideas they have to contribute.

2022 will be the 50th anniversary of the creation of Lake Holiday. The Activities Committee is already developing ideas to celebrate this event. Next year will be a great time to spruce up the clubhouse in preparation for the anniversary. With the Board’s consent, I hope we will be able to paint the interior, install new carpet and flooring and consider placing beautiful photos of Lake Holiday on some of the walls. Consider joining Building & Grounds Committee where all the ideas will begin.

New wood fencing is beginning to be installed along the periphery of Lake Holiday at Redland Road. The old fencing will undergo repairs. Once this is completed we need to look at other ways to spruce up visitors’ first views of our neighborhood.

Landscaping has been installed around portions of the dog park. Next year’s budget has funds to place more landscaping. The pavilion removed from the old school bus stop on the south side of the lake will be installed after its location is determined by the Board.

Beach II improvements are finally starting. The excavators will flatten and widen the beach area and place under drains and improved storm water systems. There will be a landscaped berm at the back of the beach and closer to the road a large pavilion with picnic tables. Money is being actively collected in the Capital Improvement Fund for the pavilion. Asphalt parking spaces will also be created along the road.

The Board has approved a site plan that will create additional parking space at the clubhouse. The number of spaces would be almost 50% more than at present. There will also be dedicated spaces for boat trailer parking and food trucks.

At the November Board meeting there will be a discussion of changes to the newsletter format. The new Board Secretary will be compiling the newsletter. We will discuss whether the newsletter should come out quarterly instead of monthly, placement of ads, whether the newsletter will be initiated on the website and the future of paper copies.

In November, the Board will also discuss the assignment of marina slips now that the reconfiguration of the marina is complete. Smaller boats will need to be housed in the inner slips. The Board will determine whether the slips will be assigned by drawing numbers or by seniority.

It is also time to consider purchasing replacement folding tables for the clubhouse great room.

I hope all of you will have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving and holiday season!

Pat Majewski, Board President

November 23, 2021

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