Protecting the Lake from Stormwater Runoff


Written by Anthony Morelli

On September 26, 2018

Phosphorus is one of the most troublesome pollutants in stormwater runoff.  Phosphorus comes from many sources and is the primary cause of water quality problems in our lake. Everything that is or was living contains phosphorus.  It is in leaves, lawn clippings, animal wastes, and is an ingredient in many lawn fertilizers.

When leaves, lawn clippings, animal wastes, fertilizers, and soil are picked up by stormwater runoff and are carried to our lake, they cause excess phosphorus.  Limiting phosphorus reduces algae blooms.  You can reduce the amount of phosphorus entering our lake by adhering to the following guidelines:

● PLEASE DO NOT blow leaves or other yard debris into the lake. (Make sure you tell your yard service!)
● Keep leaves and yard debris out of the streets and storm drains. (If blowing leaves to the bottom of your property, make sure they are picked up promptly and do not sit in street or drainage area.)
● Clean up after your pets.
● Do not use plant fertilizers for lawns, only use fertilizers that do not contain phosphorus! (Look at the middle number on the bag. It should be zero, e.g. 32-0-10 or 28-0-4)
● Control erosion around your house. (Plant bushes, trees, or shrubs.)

by Lake Committee

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