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On October 17, 2023

PRP 12 goes into detail and outlines various committees within the community association, each serving a specific purpose. Each committee has an organizational meeting in November, the perfect time to join. Let’s break down the key details:

Mandatory Committees:

1. Architectural Committee:

   – Purpose: Ensuring adherence to external construction standards and Deeds of Dedication.

   – Responsibilities: Reviewing construction requests, preparing guidelines, and recording variances.

2. Compliance Committee:

   – Purpose: Conducting impartial peer reviews for alleged breaches of Governing Documents.

   – Composition: Excludes Board members, consists of a chairperson and three property owners.

   – Responsibilities: Providing members an opportunity to be heard, determining compliance, and overseeing the violation citation process.

3. Nominating Committee:

   – Purpose: Coordinating election activities, recommending candidates, and suggesting election-related changes.

   – Composition: Chairperson and four members in good standing; no Board members.

   – Responsibilities: Recommending election-related matters, promoting nominations, organizing candidate forums, and monitoring the election process.

General Committees:

1. Activities Committee:

   – Purpose: Promoting community spirit through coordinating various annual activities.

   – Responsibilities: Planning and promoting community events, advocating clubhouse use, and welcoming new members.

2. Buildings, Grounds and Safety Advisory Committee:

   – Purpose: Assisting the General Manager in monitoring common areas for repairs, improvements, and safety concerns.

   – Responsibilities: Notifying GM of issues, making recommendations for improvements, and aiding in research and cost proposals.

3. Communication Solutions Committee:

   – Purpose: Providing guidance on information systems and communication needs.

   – Responsibilities: Offering advice on communication tools, data privacy, collaborating with other committees, and establishing communication standards.

4. Finance Committee:

   – Purpose: Assisting the Treasurer in financial duties and serving as a check and balance for the Board.

   – Responsibilities: Assisting in budget development, monitoring expenditures, reviewing audits, and providing long-term financial planning recommendations.

5. Lake Committee:

   – Purpose: Recommending actions for safe lake recreational activities.

   – Responsibilities: Recommending policies for lake use, managing fish-related activities, conducting E-coli testing, and educating the community on safe lake use.

6. Master Planning Committee (MPC):

   – Purpose: Creating and updating a Master Plan for the community’s future direction.

   – Composition: Representatives from various committees.

   – Responsibilities: Reviewing and updating the Master Plan, submitting project recommendations, conducting community surveys, and investigating new capital improvement projects.

These committees play crucial roles in maintaining community standards, ensuring compliance, organizing activities, managing finances, and planning for the community’s future. Each committee has specific responsibilities aligned with its purpose, contributing to the overall well-being and development of the community.

For the full PRP, click here: PRP 12 Committees

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