Rules for Common Areas of Lake Holiday


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On April 19, 2023


The common area recreational amenities consist of the lake, beaches, picnic areas, camping areas, volleyball, tennis, and basketball courts, playground, marina and boat ramp, baseball field, Country Club Park, the Southside Nature Preserve, the property along Redland Road between the bus stop and community entrance which includes the boat & RV storage areas, community garden and clubhouse.

All common area amenities are for the use and enjoyment of association members in good standing. A property owner or resident must be present with their guests at all times.

It is the member’s responsibility to keep their family and guests safe when using the recreational facilities.

Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied and supervised by an adult (age 18+) at all times.

Call 911 in case of an emergency.


1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the beaches or at the marina.

2. Parking permitted in approved areas only, which includes but is not limited to: clubhouse parking lot, bus stop, Country Club Park, and parking areas at beach locations.

3. No open fires are allowed. Use of cooking grills while in the marina area is prohibited.

4. Do not feed the waterfowl or wildlife including deer and bears.

5. No glass containers permitted on any beach area.

6. Quiet time begins at 9:00 pm and continues until 6:00 am daily. “Quiet time” is defined as the period when excessive noise is prohibited. In general, this includes music, loud voices, and the operation of any mechanical equipment. Please see Frederick County Code Chapter 118 Noise for further details, definitions, and enforcement. Call the Sheriff’s Department to report noise disturbances.

7. No dogs or other pets shall be permitted to run at large. A dog is considered running at large if roaming or running off the property of its owner and not under the owner’s immediate control.

Each pet owner shall comply with all requirements of law applicable to their pet including licensing, rabies vaccination and all laws regarding dangerous and vicious dogs. See Frederick County Ordinance Chapter 48. Animals and Fowl.

8. Dogs are permitted on Beach III, the Dog Park, and on the walking trails in Country Club Park.

Dogs are NOT permitted on Beach I and II, picnic areas, sports fields/courts, and playgrounds.

Dogs are only allowed in the lake in no-wake areas and should have on a life vest. Pet owners shall be responsible for the removal of their pet’s droppings. Documented certified service dogs are permitted in all common areas accompanied by their disabled owners. No other service pets are permitted.

9. Discharge of fireworks within the community is prohibited with exception of planned commercial public displays with prior approval of the Board of Directors.

10. Neither planting nor removal of landscaping of any kind is permitted on any common area with exception of the Community Garden and by the Garden Club (e.g. trees, bushes, flowers, etc.).

11. Smoking is prohibited in Country Club Park which includes the walking trails, disc golf course, dog park and in the Southside Nature Preserve due to the threat of grassfires. Smoking is also prohibited on all the beaches, the picnic and playground areas.

12. Trails courtesy – cyclists and runners are required to give pedestrians ahead the right-of-way. Passing is permitted only after offering a clear verbal indication of your approach, passing only when a clear, safe opportunity is presented.

13. ATVs and dirt bikes/motorcycles that are not licensed for street use are not allowed on any common areas within LHCC. See PRP NO. 5 ENTRY, ROAD USE, AND PARKING, Section B. Policy, #4.

14. Do not harm, trap or destroy any native wildlife, naturally occurring vegetation, or domestic animals.

15. No member may place permanent structures (e.g., playsets, sheds, garages) on Association owned property/common area without prior written approval from the Board of Directors.

16. The boat dock at Beach II is for use primarily by campers who have rented a campsite for an overnight stay. A camping permit shall be required to be placed on the dashboard of the boat. A boat may dock overnight if the registered owner of the boat has rented the campsite, is occupying the site, and has installed a camper/tent on the site. Otherwise, the dock is for brief periods of use during the day for picking up and discharging passengers.

If there is no camping permit on the boat, then staff shall be authorized to remove the boat if the owner cannot be located and/or the owner shall receive a compliance citation. If no registered campers have registered a boat to be docked overnight, then any member may rent available space at the dock for $100 per week.

17. Violations of common area recreational use rules, including noise violations, are subject to a compliance citation.

For the complete policies, rules, and procedures for the common areas, see PRP 2

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