Written by Judy

On November 28, 2022


  1. Each dog shall wear a collar with a current license tag, a current rabies vaccination tag and be on a leash when off of the dog owner’s deeded lot. Dogs that belong to visitors of the owner of that deeded lot shall follow the same rules.
  2. The owner of a dog has a duty to keep that dog under reasonable control at all times, and keep that dog from “running at large”. A dog is considered to be running at large if it is off the owner’s deeded lot and not under the control of the owner or some other person (handler) by being on a leash. 
  3. Dogs are not permitted to run at large in Lake Holiday except while in the dog park or in the water at Beach III.  They shall be appropriately confined at all times or on a leash.
  4. If an owner or handler permits a dog to run at large, the owner or handler is not only subject to civil liability but may also be cited for a compliance violation.
  5. Dog owners and handlers are liable for all damages to persons and property caused by dogs that are permitted to run at large.
  6. Dogs are not permitted in LHCC common areas except for roadways (on leash), walking trails in Country Club Park (on leash), the dog park, and on Beach III (on leash except when in the water).
  7. Owners or handlers shall clean up after their dogs in common areas.
  8. Service dogs must be on a leash when out in public and wearing a harness or an orange-colored leash that makes it identifiable as a service dog.
  9. Violations of these rules may be reported by members and employees of the association by contacting the LHCC office and providing photos and any other necessary documentation sufficient to allow the dog owner to be cited for a compliance violation.

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