Security Committee News, September 2018


Written by Anthony Morelli

On September 11, 2018

The Security Committee continues to work to get the community to embrace Firewise, a national program designed to reduce the danger of forest fires.  The individual preparations each of us can take to make our homes safer from the danger of fire; cleaning gutters, removing wood piles next to homes, clearing leaves and deadfall from lots, and insuring that no tree branches are adjacent to homes doesn’t simply ensure the safety of our biggest investment.  If reported, this can help demonstrate “buy-in” making us eligible for grant funding to solve community problems.  Such problems may include the huge pile of tree waste dumped in Lot D.  Bids obtained so far indicate that solving this problem will cost in the $10,000 range.  A grant covering half of that would help tremendously.

A form to report homeowners’ efforts is attached to this article as posted to our website. Send reports to  Remember, not only are you protecting you own investment, but you reduce the community’s threat as well.

The committee is also developing an emergency preparedness plan – actions to be taken in the event of various emergencies.  We ask doctors, nurses, police and EMT personnel – and anyone with skills they believe would be of value – to contact

The committee has been working on traffic calming efforts since April, but so far none have met with the Board’s approval.  The Frederick County Sheriff’s office has begun patrolling Lake Holiday and is utilizing enhanced enforcement.  They have issued one ticket and several warnings.  Henceforth, warnings will be few and far between.  Please obey the 25 mph speed limit throughout Lake Holiday.

With our children back in school, be aware that our children will be on the roadways.  Please give yourselves enough time and do not exceed our 25 mph speed limit.  Other reminders:

  • Children should NEVER ride in boats being towed or in the bed of pick-up trucks. Not only is it unsafe, but it is against the law.
  • When walking, ALWAYS walk on the left side of the road facing traffic.  Listening to music or other audio with earbuds reduces the likelihood of hearing an oncoming vehicle.

Actions Accomplished

The Security Committee has been busy in the six months of its existence.  We’ve arranged for Shenandoah Electric Coop to adjust our lighting, eliminating some that were no longer desirable, relocating one to the steps from the marina area to the sports courts, and enhancing the lighting at the boat storage area at NO COST to Lake Holiday.

We also arranged for Golden Seal, the contractor that installed our security camera system, to conduct an inventory of the cameras installed approximately three years ago.  Several deficiencies were discovered and corrected, and significant enhancements have been made.  Moving forward, there will be an annual audit of this highly complex and extremely efficient security equipment.

August 1 – 31, 2018 Security & Gate Activity Summary:

Visitors Processed (includes contractors): 5,108

Compliance Committee Citations Issued

  • Stop sign violations: 1 (courtesy notice)
  • 4 -wheeler (ATV) use: 4
  • Boats through Easy Pass: 2
  • Boat in the lake w/o sticker 1
  • No unusual incidents reported during this period

Office-Issued Citations:

  • Trash facility violations: 7
  • Architectural violations: 4 (tree removal)
  • No-wake violation: 1
  • Parking in undesignated spot: 1

The Sheriff’s Department also issued one ticket and several warnings.  As the enhanced enforcement continues, traffic tickets will be issued for violations of the traffic code.  Please obey all traffic laws when driving within the community.

Thank you!

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