Security Committee Updates, February 2019


Written by Anthony Morelli

On February 27, 2019

Currently the Lake Holiday Security Committee is working hard to find ways to deter the ever-present problem of speeding within the community. There are several options that we are looking into as far as cost and maintenance to try to slow down drivers on our roads and make them safer for residents.

One of the options that is being researched is placing additional stop signs in areas that have new residences and where speeding seems to be an issue. The committee would like input from the community for potential locations for these stop signs. Please email your suggestions to Thank you for your assistance in trying to make our community a safer place for us all.  In the meantime, we leave you with this following graphic and again urge everyone to mind their speed and be alert for pedestrians, cyclists, students, etc. when driving through the community.

SLEDDING CONCERNS:  From the Board of Directors and the General Manager comes this reminder — the slope that comprises the dam, directly across the street at South Lakeview Drive from the lake, is a prohibited area for any type of activity.  As attractive as that slope is for sledders, it is imperative that residents (adults and children alike) refrain from being on the slope for a number of critically important reasons.

The steep slope of the dam itself presents incredible dangers as it heads towards the spillway runoff and rocks at the bottom.  Further, there are numerous very expensive and very sensitive sensor devices that monitor the dam.  You may not see some of the stakes that are embedded in the dam wall if the snow is deep enough and they may cause serious injury if struck at any speed.  Additionally, damage to these devices is both costly and also impacts spillway operations and safety.  The costs associated with any damage to these sensors will be the responsibility of the member(s) responsible for damage.

Please understand that it is imperative that families stay off of the dam and that no recreational activities of any kind are permitted.

Dannielle Mitstifer
Security Committee Chairperson

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