September 2022 General Manager’s Report


Written by Judy

On October 14, 2022

September 2022

Tar and Chip Updates

Carroll Construction is nearing completion of this year’s Lake Holiday tar and chip applications and should have them completed by sometime tomorrow, Thursday, September 22. The work has proceeded as anticipated but has generated many calls and questions from LHCC Members, as it has during past rounds of tar and chip applications. In anticipation of such questions, an email blast detailing the anticipated work, the streets to be treated, as well as the normal expectation of loose gravel on the roadways, was sent out on September 8, 2022. Since that time, articles have also been placed on the LHCC website and the official LHCC Facebook page to help address member questions regarding the presence of loose stone on the roadways.

Tractor Replacement

The John Deere 5055E approved for purchase by the Board in August has arrived at Virginia Tractor and is currently being outfitted by the dealer to meet the order specifications.  Delivery to Lake Holiday should occur within the next week and the tractor will placed into service upon arrival thereby expanding the maintenance crew’s ability to address multiple areas of work simultaneously and helping to ensure that work may continue if/when one of the two tractors requires service. 

Trash Facility Loop Surfacing and Improvements

On June 28, 2022, the Lake Holiday Board of Directors approved funding for the installation of a concrete loop around the trash compactor site, and for the addition of a concrete pad for the open top dumpster and the associated stairs utilized for access to that dumpster.  In addition, a drainage trough is to be created behind the compactor which will allow our maintenance crew to effectively power wash the area periodically resulting in improved sanitation and odor control.

The work required is estimated to require between three and four weeks to complete and is dependent upon weather conditions.  If weather conditions are adverse, it could take slightly longer.  This is currently scheduled to begin on Monday, October 31, 2022, and to be completed by the end of November.  If progress and scheduling allow, we would plan to reopen earlier. This work will require the closure of the trash facility resulting in a need for Members to utilize County trash facilities during the work period, Gainesboro being the closest of these to Lake Holiday. Consideration was given to the placement of several open top dumpsters in an alternat location but was deemed unadvisable due to foreseeable issues with animal control/access, trash blowing into surrounding areas, and an inability to control usage by nonmembers and contractors. We will be posting advisements and details to the LHCC website and official Facebook page soon, but I wanted to give the Board an opportunity to provide input/comments prior to doing so. I will also be coordinating the closure with Republic Services so that the open top dumpster and compactor container may be removed on Oct. 31st, and services suspended until the project is completed.

Walking Trail Repairs 

The summer rains this year have been frequent, and in some cases extreme with four inches or more being dropped in short periods of time on at least two occasions, and with multiple two inch plus rains occurring as well.  These rains have resulted in several washouts along the existing gravel trail system and have made the start of new trail installations difficult due to wet ground conditions.  The washouts have resulted in the identification of some areas which require drainage improvements including the installation of ditches to direct water flow and the installation of culverts to control the water flow and stop or lessen repeated washouts.  The plan is to address the needs and repair of the existing trails first (this fall), and then begin installation of the approved new trail areas afterwards as ground conditions and weather allow. This may result in the new trails not being installed until weather allows next year.

Website and MailChimp Analytics

Immediately following this report, I have included some basic analytics regarding website traffic and the MailChimp email communications’ audience in response to Board Officer requests.  We will plan to upgrade our analytics software prior to next month’s report to improve on the reporting capabilities and viewability or reports in these areas.

Submitted September 21, 2022, by:

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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