September 2022 President’s Report


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On October 11, 2022

Pat Majewski

September 23, 2022

This will most likely be the last Board meeting for this group of Directors. The annual meeting will take place on October 22 when 4 new directors will be chosen. Three directors will serve for three years, and one director will serve for one year, completing another Director’s term.

There are eight excellent candidates. Elizabeth Hair and I have both completed our three-year terms and are running again. There are six others, Derrick Charles, Jonathan Katora, Charles Nieman, Dennis Root, Stephanie Sullivan and Chris Willey, fresh faces who have never served on the board before. I wish them all luck. Please make sure you read the candidate biographies and vote, either in person or electronically. Ballots must be in by Thursday, October 20th at 5pm.

 I would like to take this opportunity to remind the community of some important things. The first is that all the Board Directors and committee members are volunteers who live in Lake Holiday. Directors invest a great deal of time and effort in their jobs, especially the officers, which include the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. This year has had many projects in the works and re-writes of community policies that have been quite time consuming for those involved.

Lake Holiday has been doing very well financially the last few years. Several things contribute to that: our general manager, there are many new homes and more being built all the time; the association no longer pays real estate and sanitary district taxes on its lots having turned them all into common area; and we have paid off two large loans, the former golf course land and the clubhouse.

We have been able to approve and accomplish a variety of projects in 2022 and there will be no increases to assessments for 2023! Assessments have not been increased for at least five years now. This is quite an accomplishment and points to how carefully our General Manager, Mike Goodwin, handles our budget and other expenditures.

The Board will sometimes get questions asking what is the homeowner getting for their assessments? The community must keep in mind that we own our roads and have over 20 miles of paved road. We must pay to maintain them. This includes snow removal in the winter. We also have many acres of common area to be mowed and maintained. We have six full time employees for maintenance and 5 full time office employees plus a general manager. Employee salaries and benefits are a large part of our budget. Our largest contracted service is our security officers which includes the front gate manned 24 hours a day.

Here is a list of projects and achievements for 2022 that have also been paid for out of your assessments. (Darrell Melcher, the Vice-President, helped write this list):

Beach II

1. Completed land work, flattening beach and adding storm water drainage; iron railings installed around playground, installed concrete pad for a pavilion, handicapped driveway and access to beach; additional storm water and sand incursion management to be evaluated/implemented.

2. Landscaping along parking area and on berm will be implemented at Beach II this fall.

3. Paved parking spaces at Beach II.

Mail Stations

4. Road repairs and new paving for three oldest mail stations (Sunset, Yeiders, Lakeview); snow birds installed on roofs to prevent snow slides

Trash Facility

5. Concrete drive, concrete and drains under compactor – Project timeline Nov 2022


6. Added new slips to the marina with the new configuration

7. Paved handicap parking, created easier handicap access to boat ramps

8. New marina anchoring system and gangways on rollers – Project timeline Oct 2022

9. Concrete walkway and rope railing with solar lighting caps to Dock C

Clubhouse Parking Lot

10. Hired engineers to develop site plan for clubhouse/beach one parking lot expansion – will double size of parking lot and add dedicated boat trailer and food truck parking spaces


11. Created a plan to protect the Lake.

12. Approved the hiring of engineering consultants to create plans for in-lake catch basins and planting of vegetation to reduce sediment and phosphorus from entering lake

13. Approved hiring engineering consultants to design solutions for community streams to reduce sediment and phosphorus from entering lake

14. Approval of fish stocking in November


15. Hired new security company to manage front gate, roving, beach and lake patrols

16. New speed camera implemented

17. New gate entry arms with lights

18. Replacing controllers for gate system that work with existing bar codes and key fobs


19. Photographs of Lake Holiday by Eric Zimmerman installed in hallways, community room and administrative office

20. Window darkening in great room, admin office, and GM office

21. Entire interior of the clubhouse will be painted in new color in Sept 2022

22. New upgraded acoustic panels will be placed on ceiling and upper walls, will be 25% more efficient than old panels, timeline late Sept

23. Updated lighting and electrical

24. New carpeting and vinyl flooring will be installed in the entire clubhouse, Oct 2022

25. New metal tables (4) for back deck – two are for handicapped

26. New interior tables for the Great Room

27. Additional picnic tables around the clubhouse

28. Approved new snack shop operator and oversaw transition

Near Beach I

29. Repainted tennis courts and basketball court, installed two pickle ball courts

30. Replaced aging playground equipment

Country Club Park

31. Walking paths (two additional sections) on former golf course property will be completed

32. Two pavilions purchased, one placed in the dog park, seeded grass and created pebbled area in dog park to reduce mud; second pavilion located near walking path by dog park

33. New playground equipment and swings

Technology Upgrades

34. Hired survey contractor who assisted with the development, deployment and analysis of 2022 community wide survey

35. Additional cabling and outlets for computer access in great room

36. Upgraded WiFi speed throughout clubhouse; Comcast ran fiber into clubhouse for improved speed and locked in rate for 5 years

37. Hired consultant to replace outdated Capsure guest entry system; create help desk communication system for admin; password protection to be implemented on website

38. Purchased audio/speaker/microphone system to improve communication in Great Room

39. Updated and reformatted website and re-instated LHCC Facebook page to provide Association information

40. Completed 2022 Community Survey

41. Hired new full-time office communication-oriented employee to populate website and LH Facebook page and keep updated, record and live stream board meetings, arrange food truck visits

42. 50th Anniversary Celebration with power point presentation of news clippings of history of LHCC as well as written timeline for website

43. Diligently researched the possibility of establishing a restaurant

44. New section of fencing at Redland Road added and painted black

45. New signs with updated rules for beaches to be installed

46. Remove old section signs and large directional sign at front gate

47. Contractor hired to clear brush and trees from sides of roadways

48. Landscaping designs for new areas around clubhouse, marina, front gate, dog park, country club park; and approved funding for a company to do landscape maintenance

49. Re-instated Community Garden

50. Successful Fireworks and Boat Parade for 4th of July celebration

51. Tar and Chip main roads Sept 2022

52. Seal and restripe roads at the Gate House

53. Due to shortage of volunteers, combined Buildings & Grounds with Safety Advisory Committees

54. Created a Forest Management Task Group to look at forest management (like the Lake)

55. Created community email link to the Board for comments and suggestions

56. Replaced a minimal use tractor with an all-around larger one.

57. Reinforced concrete for gate arms stability

Governing Documents

58. Updated and re-wrote multiple policy and rules documents:

· PRP 2, Common Area Use (including implementing dog leash rules)

· PRP 5, Entry Road Use and Parking

· PRP 12, Committees

· PRP 13, Communications

· PRP 14, Clubhouse

· PRP 16, Voting

   I have truly enjoyed working with this collaborative group of Directors and appreciate all the work that they have done for the community this year. Thank you!

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