September 2023 General Manager’s Report


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On September 26, 2023

September 2023

General Manager’s Report

Replacement Reserve Expenditure Requests:

Clubhouse Exterior Paint Finishes

The steel I-beams under the rear deck and Great Room of the Clubhouse are showing a significant amount of surface rust.  The engineer who is currently working on the As-Built drawings of the exiting deck and the Construction drawings for the deck’s rebuild and permitting has advised that the rust must be removed, treated and the beams repainted prior to inspection by the building officials during the rebuild process.  Ninety percent of this work can be accomplished prior to the tear-off of the existing deck and the remainder would need to be accomplished during the tear-off.  Logistically, it is critical that as much as possible be completed prior to the tear-off so that the contractor rebuilding the deck will not be delayed by the process.  I have received an estimate from the painters who LHCC hired for the interior painting during the Clubhouse remodel.  They estimate that the preparation work, treatment with an appropriate primer and two topcoats of paint will require approximately 200-man hours.  In addition, the crew will need to return once the side skirting has been removed from the I-beams during the deck rebuild to finish those surfaces which are currently covered.  Rust removal will be accomplished by wire-wheeling the steel. The work will include the repainting of the ceiling area under the great room which the exposed surface of the I-beams run through.  I recommend the Board approve expending Replacement Reserve funds to accomplish the necessary work and estimate that the total expenditure will be approximately $8k.

Maintenance Building Area Entry Gates

The entry gates at the maintenance facility have been out of order for much of the summer, having been repaired multiple times during that period.  I have had both of our local service companies out multiple times working on these and diagnosing the issues. There are two issues that need to be addressed.  The primary problem is that the barrier gate openers themselves are worn out having been in place for approximately 14 years now.  They are also obsolete and parts are no longer available for repairs.  One of the two has a bad spot in the motor windings and when the gate comes to rest in that spot (up) the motor will not restart to lower the arm.  The second issue is related to the wiring which runs from the units back to the maintenance building.  The wiring originally utilized is not ground contact rated but rather is an interior rated wire which was run through conduit.  There were five pairs originally run but only one pair is currently serviceable.  The conduit the wire runs through is full of water and is broken along the way somewhere allowing water to seep in.  This water has damaged the interior-rated wires and resulted in faults on all but those wires currently being utilized.  The recommended solution is replacement of both barrier gate openers and the replacement of the wiring all the way back to the maintenance building.  I also received a quote for utilizing the existing wiring to the building and rewiring only the last portion to the controllers from the junction box to alleviate the most corroded portion of the two remaining wires.  The contractors highly recommend that we replace all the wiring and install new conduit.  I believe this would be the best course of action due to the condition of the existing wiring and the fact that we are using the last available still functioning pair.  I have requested a second set of estimates from Golden Seal Enterprises but have not yet received their estimates.  I have included the estimates from BK Connected Solutions.  I recommend the Board approve the replacement of all wiring, conduit and both barrier gate openers.  These openers would be the same brand as those utilized at the front entry and would include breakaway arms and LED light kits. The total estimated cost is $23,127.94. The maintenance gates are a listed replacement reserve item which was due for replacement in 2020 (were not replaced) with a planned expenditure amount of $16k.

Project Status Updates:

Emergency Exit and Beach III Road and Drainage Improvements

Keystone builders are scheduled to begin work on improvements to the drainage and road surface along the emergency exit road and the road to beach III this week.  The primary focus of this round of improvements will be to better control waterflow and restore ditch line function along with recrowning and improving the road surface. Once this work has been completed, other roads in the area will be addressed if budget funding allows.  In addition, the maintenance crew will be working on additional roads in the undeveloped areas as time allows later this fall and into the winter with the goal of improving access to individually owned lots.

Dam Monitor Wiring Replacement & Dam Inspection

The rewiring of the Lake Holiday Dam Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system approved by the Board at the June 27 meeting has been completed. The piezometers have been recalibrated and the system is now working as intended.

Viola Engineering has performed the required professional engineer inspection of the dam and will prepare the required report for the Viginia Department of Conservation and Recreation in the coming weeks.


The new benches purchased in July for the replacement of existing benches behind the Clubhouse and for new installations along the walking trails are currently being installed as the maintenance crew’s schedule allows.  The replacements behind the Clubhouse have been completed and the crew will begin installing benches along the walking paths in the BG&S Committee’s chosen locations in the coming weeks.

Walking Trails

Ben Cook of Keystone Builders has completed construction of the ½ mile connecting section of the walking trail which runs parallel to a portion of Fairway Circle and connects the section coming from the community bus stop to the existing loop by the large pond on West Master Drive.  The trail system now provides an improved path of travel from the bus stop all the way to the Clubhouse.  There were some wash outs last week during the hard rains.  The maintenance crew plans to repair these later this week.

Maintenance Department Updates

The maintenance department crew is currently working on the installation of the basketball hoop on South Lakeview Drive, drainage repairs and improvements along the roadways as needed, patching up washout on the walking trails, and installation of benches. This is in addition to the normal day-to-day maintenance required throughout the community.  In the coming weeks, the crew will be working on road shoulder repairs as needed throughout the community.  Please be cautious when traveling through roadway work zones to protect those working and other drivers in the area.  We appreciate your caution and safe driving which serves to protect everyone from unnecessary danger.

Submitted September 19, 2023

Mike Goodwin, LHCC GM

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