2021 Lake Holiday Voting & Communication Preferences









Lake Holiday now has electronic voting as an optional method of Absentee voting in LHCC elections. Electronic voting offers property owners a convenient, cost-effective, and secure method of voting. The options of voting by paper ballot, either absentee or in person, will still be available. You also now have the option of receiving election materials and other LHCC written communications electronically. Electronic communications save our community time and money, so we hope you will take advantage of our improved electronic voting and communication options.

We want to make sure we have accurate and up-to-date information for everyone. We also want to know your individual preferences in terms of voting and communication options.

Step 1: Please follow the instructions below to complete the proper form to give us this information.


  • If you are the property owner (your name is on the property deed), please review the important information before proceeding.
  • If you are a non-owner resident, renter, visitor, or guest, please select the “I am NOT an owner” button below.
  • If at all possible, please use our website to update your information so that you can be 100% certain that your information is accurate. If you would prefer to provide your information on paper, please contact the office to get a paper form. If you elect to use a paper form, please be sure to write clearly and legibly.  If you need further assistance, please contact the office.
  • If you need further assistance, please contact the office.

Important Information for Owners

In our Annual Elections, each property gets one vote regardless of how many people own the property. Each property receives only one absentee ballot, either paper or electronic.

While our Lake Holiday systems allow us to engage with multiple owners having shared or multiple email address, we need owners to verify and submit a single email address to be used for the 2021 electronic voting.

  • Each property is eligible for a single absentee ballot, either paper or electronic.
  • Our 2021 electronic voting service provider allows a single email address to be used for each property (for each electronic ballot).
  • Therefore, each property can have one and only one email address designated as the electronic ballot email address. 

Multiple owners on a single property?
  • Decide together what absentee voting method you want to use for your property and which email address will be used to receive the electronic ballot before any of you submit any owner forms.  It will make all of our lives easier.
  • Designate a single email address for each property for owner voting communication and delivery of the electronic ballot. This distinction is only for voting purposes.
  • Each owner is encouraged to submit their information preferences on the official Owner form.  All owners of a single property must use the same electronic ballot delivery email address for that single property.
Own Multiple Properties?

Please fill out the owner form at least once for each property.

Prefer to opt out?

If you would prefer to OPT OUT of electronic communication, please contact the office to get a paper form.

Step 2: Proceed to the correct form 

If you need further assistance, please contact the office.

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