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Written by Anthony Morelli

On April 21, 2018

Spring has finally arrived and it’s time to think about boating and the lake. The Lake Committee would like to make you aware and remind you of several items related to the lake.

Boat Trailer Entry. PRP 5 on Entry, Road Use and Parking, Section B.4.e. requires that “All trailered boats, regardless of the owner’s membership status, must enter the front gate through the left lane.” Some members with bar code decals have been bringing their boats in through the right lane at the gate. This is NOT permitted. Even if you have a bar code decal, if you are trailering a boat you are required to enter through the left lane at the gate and stop for the guard.

Big Fish Challenge Website. All fishermen/women out there—don’t forget to check out Jake’s 2018 Big Fish Challenge. There are some pretty nice fish being caught out there! We know we have big fish in Lake Holiday. Let’s get some of our fish on the Leaderboard! For more information, call Jared Mounts at Jake’s Bait and Tackle at 540.723.4621 or 540.323.3100 or check out www.jakesbaitandtackle.com/vabfc. Good luck!

No Wake Zones. Driving a boat fast in “No Wake” zones is one of the most common violations we have on our lake. These rules apply to all power boats—pleasure boats AND fishing boats. We already have had our first violation of the 2018 season. Fortunately, the perpetrators have been identified and are going to be served with appropriate citations. This is an important safety rule. Please observe it at all times when you are boating on the lake, even if it is not in the busy summer season. To aid your recollection , the rule is set forth below.

PRP 3 on Lake Use and Boating, Section D.1.b, defines No Wake Areas as “the areas west of the “No Wake” buoys at Beach I, all of the lake fingers and coves inside of the “No Wake” buoys, and the 100′ wide zone along the shoreline of the High Speed Area.” The PRP goes on to say that “all boats must travel no faster than “no wake” speed in the No Wake Areas. “No wake” speed is defined as the slowest possible speed required to maintain steerage and headway (one notch above neutral).”

Fish Habitat. The LHCC Board has approved putting fish habitat structures into the lake to provide habitat for small fish (fry) as they are spawned or introduced into the lake. Lake Committee members have designed two types of habitats which they are going to place in strategic locations in the lake. They are also willing to provide habitat to homeowners who are willing to put them into the lake along their shorelines. You can view pictures of sample habitat and proposed locations on the Lake Holiday website (www.lakeholidaypoa.com) under the following tabs: Documents/Board Meetings/Board Book Material/2018.3.27 Board Book Material/Tab 14. If you are interested in placing fish habitat, please contact Bobby Stefanowicz at rjstefanowicz@gmail.com.

Boating Related Service Providers. Below is a reprint from the April 2018 Newsletter in case people missed the list of boating service providers in the community. We thought it might come in handy as people are getting their boats out of storage.

Lake Committee has received many requests from both new and old “boaters” for a list of Boat Service Providers used in the past here at Lake Holiday. This list is NOT an endorsement of any named provider by either the Lake Committee or the Association. Boaters need to perform their own due diligence when selecting a contractor or service provider. If you have a recommendation to augment this list, please let the office know so the list may be updated.

General boat/engine and trailer repairs
• Beaver’s Marine, Charley Beaver, 540.665.0611
• Drippin Wet, Jennifer DeHaven, 540.542.9133
• Jake’s Bait and Tackle, Jared Mounts, 540.723.4621 Put in/Take out services
• Beaver’s Marine, Charlie Beaver, 540.665.0611
• Drippin Wet, Jennifer DeHaven, 540.542.9133
• Jake’s Bait and Tackle, Jared Mounts, 540.723.4621

Boat cover, seat, and upholstery repairs
• Drippin Wet, Jennifer DeHaven, 540.542.9133
• Lake Time Upholstery, Ruthie Spittler, 540.336.4043 Dock installations/repairs
• Chris Harner, 540.931.5125
• Deep Creek Docks, 301.387.8574

Winterization services
• Beaver’s Marine, Charlie Beaver, 540.665.0611
• Jake’s Bait and Tackle, Jared Mounts, 540.723.4621 Shrink wrapping
• Drippin Wet, Jennifer DeHaven, 540.542.9133

~by Lake Committee

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