TechComm: Protecting Yourself from Hackers


Written by Judy

On November 16, 2017

Would you drink from a cup that is sitting on your table without knowing what’s in it or who drank from it last?

Remember that thought whenever you pick up a USB drive and pop it into your computer to see what’s in it. 68% of found USB drives will be plugged into a USB port. Identity protection and digital security start with vigilance. In order to protect the data you have on our constantly connected computers, we need to be aware of what we are connecting them to and what we are putting into them. USB Drives can easily contain hidden ‘keyloggers’ that can record every keystroke from your keyboard; some can even record your screen and send the data off to hackers without your knowledge.

“Who would want to hack me?” This is a phrase we hear all the time. The reality is that even a small morsel of information always leads to bigger data and a more valuable target. It is often easier to catch a big fish, when a hacker has already compromised smaller fish which can provide necessary tidbits of data to access the bigger fish.

For example, A hacker can compromise a computer of a low-level employee at a company, gather data, and do a quick search on their employer; find other higher-level employees and send them a vague request with some convincing details to ensure the recipient that the sender is who they say they are.  Using this method they can work their way up the chain and eventually compromise move valuable data from a manager or executive.

All data is valuable to someone. It is what companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter have built their businesses on. Protect your data.

Call for volunteers …

The TechComm Committee is looking for volunteers to help with Communications. We want to move forward with our goals of transparency and keeping the community fully informed in real time.  If you are interested in volunteering for our community please come and join the TechComm Committee. Whether you are 15 or 80, tech savvy or not, we want and need your ideas, your input, and your talents.

(Submitted by TechComm Committee)

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