Virginia Fish Bragging Rights


Written by Anthony Morelli

On January 21, 2018

“Jake’s Big Fish Challenge”
by Lake Committee

Jake’s Bait and Tackle is sponsoring a state-wide ‘Fish Challenge’ for 2018. There will be more on this in the March newsletter. However, details may be found at

VDGIF FISH MANAGEMENT REPORT: Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) conducted a LHCC fish health analysis in 2017 as they have in the past through electrofishing or ‘fish shocking’. The report is very encouraging. The following quotes are taken from the report:

  • “According to fish data collected during the 2017 survey, there have been limited changes to the fish community in Lake Holiday since 2014. In fact, the length distribution of Largemouth Bass is very similar to the survey conducted in 2003.”
  • “The catch rate of Smallmouth Bass was low (12/hour) compared to past surveys. The lower catch rates in 2014 and 2017 of Smallmouth Bass could be due to later sampling dates those two years compared to the previous three samples. An electrofishing sample in late April may result in more Smallmouth Bass being collected.”
  • “According to local sources Smallmouth Bass were stocked by anglers in the 90s and possibly some in the 2000s. These stockings were not well documented so the impact they had on the smallmouth Bass population is unknown. Lower catch rates of Smallmouth in the 2014 and 2017 surveys may be due to sampling slightly later in the year, or it could be caused due to natural mortality of older Smallmouth that were stocked in the past. Stocking of fingerling Smallmouth Bass should increase angler catch rates in future years.”

Lake Committee is looking into stocking Smallmouth Bass, possibly this year. The full VDGIF report will be posted on the LHCC website.

PRINCETON HYDRO REPORT: Lack of rain in November-December and frozen temperatures in December-January have prevented Princeton Hydro from taking the measurements needed to make its final report on sediment, erosion and runoff control to Lake Holiday. Therefore, the release date of this report has been pushed back to mid- to late spring. We will continue to update the community on its progress in each Lake Holiday newsletter.

Lake Committee Requests Your Help: In order to provide residents a list of service providers who offer boating related activities, LC is developing a roster of boat service providers and will make the list available in the March newsletter. If you know of vendors who provide quality work in any of the following areas, please reply with their name and telephone number to so they can be included on the list. Vendor recommendations are requested for:

• General boat/engine and trailer repairs
• Put in/Tale out services
• Boat cover, seat, and upholstery repairs
• Dock installations/repairs
• On site power washing
• Winterization services
• Shrink wrapping

Vendor names included on the list should not be construed as an endorsement, validation, or referral by either Lake Committee or LHCC. Pricing and due diligence responsibilities remain the obligation of the homeowner.

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